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CBD oil stands for cannabidiol oil has gained attention globally because of its various advantages. The fame CBD oils have gained is also because of its versatile use. These oils are mostly used for pain relief. It can be extracted from both natural and unnatural ways. Naturally, this oil is found in the leaves of the marijuana plant. The resin glands in the leaves stores this oil and it can be easily extracted from both the leaves, buds, and flowers. On the other hand, it can also be generated through industrial ways. A hemp is a fibrous form of cannabis which can be cultivated industrially. CBD oil can be extracted from hemp buds. It is a tetrahydrocannabinol. However, people who are well aware of THC knows that it is the compound which can make a person high if taken in a particular amount. Thus, in CBD oils the concentration level of THC is usually kept low like up to 0.3 percent. So that these oils do not have any negative impact on its usage.

CBD oils are used for pain relief, anxiety, depression, and sometimes also as a stress reliever. These oils come in various forms and can be taken in the form of either liquid or capsule. People who suffer through anxiety and depression use these oil to get a relief in tough situations. Some people believe that the usage of these oils helps in sleeping peacefully. Many studies show that these oils are a potential pain reliever. One of the main advantages of these oils is that unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, these oils do not have many side effects when used in the proper ratio. Medical researchers believe that in the future CBD oils can be used to treat chronic pain and anxiety. In future, it might be used for treating various ailments. The global attention that CBD oil is gaining is because there are more advantages of these oils than disadvantages. Unlike other products made from cannabis, the CBD oil has the lowest concentration of THC so that people who use it do not get intoxicated or high.


CBD oil has been studied by various researchers to understand how these oils work and how they affect brain function. In case of anxiety, it is said that there are various protein cells which are attached to the brain. These cells catch chemical signals to alter the functions of the brain. One of the protein cells is known as serotonin. It plays a vital role in managing the health of a person’s body. This chemical cell is vital as it maintains a healthy balance of the body. When this serotonin level goes down, the brain goes into a negative frenzy. Low level of serotonin can cause depression. Also, for some people, low serotonin level also becomes the reason for anxiety. Usually, patients suffering from anxiety and depression because of low serotonin level are prescribed to use selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) by the doctors. However, now as per new studies, it is said that CBD oils can also be taken in order to relieve anxiety. Though, the ration in which it should be taken must be discussed with a proper doctor.

According to many studies, CBD oils used on anxiety patients showed positive results. A research conducted by National Institute on Drug Abuse, concludes that CBD oil, when tested on animals, shows that animals suffering from stress showed a great reduction in stress. The outcome was positive. Anxiety conveyed through behavior and actions were apparently stable after using CBD oil. The symptoms like an increase in heart rate in relation to physiological anxiety were also improved.

Anxiety also causes insomnia in many cases. CBD oils help inducing sleep and also act as a pain reliever. In many forms of anxiety-like post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder, CBD oil has shown a positive result and its usage has many benefits. In the year 2011, a research was conducted on human subjects fighting through SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). Those subjects who were given almost 400 mg dose of CBD oil showed a decrease in anxiety level as compared to those subjects who were not given CBD oil. Journal of Psychopharmacology published this research.

Similarly, in 2017 a study was published in the comprehensive review about CBD oil. The researchers and authors noticed that CBD oil has a positive effect when it comes to anxiety disorder. However, the result was not clear in relation to depression. Researchers do not find much positivity when CBD oil was used to treat depression. Furthermore, in 2016 another research concluded that CBD oil is better than many antipsychotic drugs as these drugs have many negative impacts. Thus, researchers preferred CBD oils over antipsychotic drugs.


Even though CBD oils have many advantages, there are still some side effects related to these oils. The usage of CBD must be properly prescribed by a doctor. The benefits of this oil are greater than the side effects yet we cannot ignore that using this oil can cause various type of discomfort as well as withdrawal symptoms. If you are using CBD oil and facing some of these side effects then you should definitely consult a doctor. Some of the side effects of CBD oils are; dryness in the mouth, sleeping difficulties in some cases, stomach discomfort also known as gastrointestinal discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, and continuous mood swings. The various other symptoms related to withdrawal are; dizziness, fatigues, nausea, irritability, and fogginess.

Thus, if you are using CBD oil and replacing it with your medications then you should first consult a doctor about its usage and proportion. It is better to discuss beforehand, rather than facing loss later.


According to an updated survey conducted in 2018 by MarijuanaBreak, the following five CBD oils are considered best for anxiety,

  1. Pure Kana
  2. Green Roads World
  3. Elixinol
  4. CBD Essence
  5. CBD Pure


Pure Kana is ranked as number one CBD oil for anxiety and depression by various sites and surveys. It is because that the brand Pure Kana, generated original and real CBD oil with the lowest concentration level of THC. The oil comes in various flavors like Vanilla and Mint. But the unflavoured, dietary and nutritious supplement is also available which targets anxiety disorder. The company also make CBD crystal which is vastly used for treating stress and anxiety. The natural formulation of the oil aims at quick relief and positive effect at a quick rate. The price of the product varies from $48 to $139 according to its potency. All oils and products are laboratories tested. The company delivers in all states. All oils are non-psychoactive which means that the user will not get intoxicated or high after its use. The company aims at providing relief to the users. The oil aims at providing relief to stress, anxiety, and depression. It calms the mind and body of the user.

Therefore, keeping in mind all the benefits and side effects, the general result of all studies state that CBD oil is beneficial for anxiety. In future, this oil might also be used to treat various diseases, chronic pain, and ailments. However, its usage must be discussed with a doctor. Only if a doctor prescribes you CBD oil after examining your state then you should opt for the use of CBD oil for anxiety.

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