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Before choosing an MCT oil best for you, let’s get the basic information about the MCT oils. MCT is an abbreviation for Medium Chain Triglycerides. These oils are a type of saturated fatty acids that are believed to have a number of health benefits for our body. It is due to their immense benefits that these oils have gained immense popularity lately.

How to choose the Best MCT Oil?

Before you choose an MCT Oil, there are some things that you need to answer for yourself like why you want MCTs for yourself? What are the benefits that you’re seeking from the MCT Oil? And how much are you consuming already in your daily diet?

The MCT oils provide essential fatty acids and they should be included in the daily diet as the human body is not capable of producing these essential fatty acids on its own. Therefore, if you’re looking for MCTs for daily consumption, supplementing daily would be less important. Whereas, if you have not included MCTs in your daily diet at all then that is when supplementing will be important for you.

If you want MCT oil to help you with the weight loss, you can find a lot of different types of these oils pretty helpful.

Viva Naturals Non-GMO Pure Coconut MCT Oil

This is the type of MCT oil produced by Viva Naturals. It is gluten-free. This oil is extracted from coconuts in a natural way. Also, the oil is approved by the Ketogenic, paleo, vegan and low-carb diets. There are absolutely no flavors, additives or fillers in this oil. The manufacturing company claims that this oil is taken from handpicked and fresh coconuts. The product is manufactured in the USA. These oils undergo a series of testing by a third party organization to check the purity and strength of the oil.

The product contains around 60% of C8 and the rest of 40% is C10. Those who have a sensitive palate don’t have to worry now because these MCT oils do not have a flavor. This also makes it suitable for adding it to a variety of meals like smoothies, salads, or a sauce.

Premium MCT Oil derived only from Organic Coconuts

This product has been verified safe by the Paleo and is listed among the truly vegan products by the Vegan Society. The product is manufactured by Sports Research and it is gluten-free and a GMO.

This product is derived from the oils that are obtained only from the organic coconuts and it does not contain solvent. The product is a combination of C8, C10, and C12 with a percentage of 38%, 31%, and 31% respectively.

32 OZ C8 &C10 All Natural Coconut MCT Oil

This is also gluten-free and is an ideal product for maintaining a healthy metabolism. It provides energy, helps you with your concentration issues and cognitive functioning. The Zenwise are the manufacturers of the product who claim that is derived from 100% coconut oil and is pure.

It is a known product for improving energy, endurance, and overall health. It consists of about 67% of C8 and 33% of C10. These ingredients provide you energy without the jitters, headaches or crashes that you are likely to get after sugar or caffeine consumption. The oil comes in a flavorless formula so it can be added to drinks or food.

Left Coast Performance Coconut MCT Oil

Those who have a sensitive stomach will find this MCT oil to be the best option. It is manufactured specifically for getting absorbed and digested easily. Being easier for absorption and digestion, this product also releases energy faster.It consists of about 56% of C8 and 44% of C10 which is fractioned from the Coconut oil. Each of the designed batches is gone through a series of tests to check the potency and purity.

Using MCT oil in the daily routine can lead to weight management and is really helpful with ketosis. It also enhances the metabolism and balances the hormones that cause hunger. The MCT oils an also provide quick energy boosts like glucose but with a  difference that the energy provided by MCT oil is an ongoing one. Make sure that you find only the authentic and most trusted dealer to help you with your requirements of MCT oil to benefit from them.

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