5 signs you need a body Teatox


You’re bloated. You feel sluggish. You’re exhausted. Sure, you might just need a good night’s sleep (and to lay off the sugar). But, how do you know when it’s something more?

Your body may be telling you it’s time for a detox. You need to listen to what it’s trying to communicate to you.

One important point here is the frequency of your symptoms. If you’ve noticed any of the following five signs on a regular basis, you could benefit from a detox.

  1. A constant fatigued state

Do you drink lots of coffee? How about energy drinks? All of these sorts of beverages are positioned to ‘help’ you battle low energy, but they only make things worse. Sure, there’s a short-term pick-me-up, but the crash happens soon after. Relying on these drinks hurt your liver, too. If you wake up after a good night’s rest and feel like you’ve slept about an hour, consider a detox. It can help flush out the things that are stopping you from feeling full of energy.

  1. Constipation

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to go to the toilet. Ok, this isn’t exactly a pretty topic, but do you know what’s not prettier? Constipation. This is a tell tale sign that something’s wrong with your digestive system. If you’re tried boosting your fibre intake and adjusting your diet with no luck, you might just need a good old cleanse. Your digestive problems could simply be a result of years of accumulated waste in your bowels and colon.

  1. Brain fog / heavy head

No drink or pill will clear your head as well as a detox. Think about it. You’re exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis. It’s no wonder you’re finding it hard to concentrate. If you’re lacking focus or you’ve got a mental fog that won’t clear, it’s more than likely your body’s way of telling you it’s time to detox. Restore clarity and stay on task by getting rid of those nasty toxins.

  1. Problems with your skin

You’re in your twenties or thirties. You’re well past your adolescent years, but you’re still having skin issues. A topical solution won’t help because the issue is inside your body. Pimples, rashes, outbreaks and skin irritations are a result of toxins being released. Get to the bottom of the cause with a detox program. You’ll also notice your sneezing, coughing, asthma and hay fever will improve too.

  1. Headaches

A sore head is one of those things that’s hard to pinpoint the cause. You simply may have not consumed enough water during the day. You could just need sleep or you’ve been in the heat for too long. However, if you suffer from constant headaches, this is another story.

Rather than popping two Panadols every time you head hurts, why not try a detox instead. Your headaches could be a result of your toxic state. Remove the impurities in your body that could be making you more susceptible to headaches.

There are many other motivations to detox your body, including feeling depressed, having trouble losing weight or sleeping, sexual dysfunction, and unexplained soreness. Have you found yourself less capable to cope with daily stress? How about the lethargy? Is it debilitating?

It’s reset button time

A popular way to kick your symptoms in the butt is by combining healthy living with a detox tea. You can cleanse your body, inside out. 100% organic is your best bet. Many people find detox teas are free from harsh side effects, such as nausea, running to the toilet, or chemical reactions.

One such example is the products available from The Teatox Shop. Their teas are made from sencha green tea, yerba mate, dandelion leaf, garcinia cambogia, liquorice root, peppermint leaves and goji berries, so they’re both delicious and good for you.

Forget about getting ‘bikini ready’. There are more important things in life. It’s time to feel like yourself again.

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