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You’ve Been Amateur Long Enough: Time to Become a Pro Trainer


You’ve ran for long enough, lifted the heaviest weights and performed enough stomach crunches to last a lifetime. You’re not sick of working out, but you need to expand your skill set – and you’re not alone.

The popularity of exercise has never been greater, especially as businesses like Pure Gym continue to provide low cost workout facilities. The firm has hundreds of gyms across the UK, each of which is almost entirely run by customers. Two members of staff work the reception, while self-employed fitness coaches mill around offering help to anyone who needs it.

A big part of the magic of these facilities is that they give people the freedom to train without interference, allowing them to finesse their routine their way.

Fitness freedom

With such freedom comes opportunity. As everyone hones their own amateur knowledge of exercising, professional skills become a valuable commodity. Suddenly you’re the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind, taking the DIY acumen of fitness fanatics and honing them until they’re perfect.

Essentially, you’re monetising your hobby, cashing in on a buyer’s market and still enjoying a good workout. But the more people know about fitness and health, the more you’ll have to learn to stay on top.

There are personal training courses online designed to help with exactly that, and they’ll help you understand the nitty gritty of nutrition, workouts and body types. These are the types of courses that separate the passionate amateur and the seasoned professional – and people will shell out good money specifically to enjoy the fruits of your studies.

Long term possibilities

In the long term, having a fully-fledged qualification in fitness can push you into other fields, including those of nutritional advice, writing fitness articles, creating your own health drink concoctions, selling branded merchandise featuring your fitness company’s products, endorsing other instructors, and finding ways to develop your fitness skills even further.

Once you’ve got a qualification, your possibilities stem far and wide. But even if you end up simply as a self-employed trainer in a Pure Gym, the self-satisfaction inherent in helping people become the best version of themselves is a fantastic feeling.

Sculpting someone into fitness takes prolonged periods of time and care. You’ve got to be able to push them to the peak of their endurance, while also ensuring their confidence doesn’t fall too low.

Keeping fit is a strain for some people and you should remain cognisant of that all the time. With all that knowledge in your back pocket, you’ll be able to make the exercising aspirations of many people come true.


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