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How yoga can change the life… A perfect solution for physical and mental peace


Source : Yoga Vini Rishikesh

Yoga creates harmony between mind, body and soul. Yoga nourishes our body system as well as enlightens our soul and makes our mind more concentrate and conscious, that’s why yoga is a science and art too. This art exist in Earth science thousands of years, ancient Hindus used to practice yoga for a prosperous life, they believe that yoga is not just for healing our body but it’s a way to become one with the infinite i.e. God. In 21st second century the technology helped masters of yoga to spread their art among the world. Yoga is playing a vital role to integrate the people of the Earth, in present scenario the yoga is practiced by the various communities of people around the world.

It is said that Lord Shiva gave the gift of yoga to Indian ancient people or also known as Rishi Munese, than they started practicing yoga for years later on the Rishis were also named as yogis, science then the art of yoga is carried and practiced by the people from every corner of the Earth. According to the ancient Hindu scriptures there are 84000 types of yoga and Asanas, but only 84 types of yoga and Asanas are commonly practiced by the people.

The yogis believes that one who practice yoga for a long time can reach to a special state of mind and soul called conscious state of mind and soul or ‘Turiya Awastha’, this is a spiritual state of yoga, that’s what ancient yogis aimed of doing yoga, they knew the spiritual importance of yoga because one can only experience yoga when it is done for a long time. They described their yogic experiences which can be found on yoga scriptures.

In present scenario yoga is popularly done for curing various physical and mental diseases, people have cured their incurable diseases by practicing yoga, this is a power of yoga that diseases like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, are healed easily, researchers found positive reports in AIDS, a large number of people have cured their common diseases and leaving a healthy and peaceful live.



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