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Workout Wins: How to Make Your Rest Days More Productive


Many people underestimate the power of a rest day when trying to keep to a strict workout routine. If you are serious about your workout plans, then you need to embrace the concept of rest. How much rest you needdepends on the intensity and experience level you are at, but it is also important to make sure your rest days are not derailing all the progress you have made. Here are a few ways you can take that rest day and keep your goals on track.
Hydrate and Eat Right
First, it is essential to continue getting the right amount of water in during the day and keeping your meal choices healthy. If you take a rest day and spend all of it scarfing down soda and cheeseburgers, you are setting yourself back instead of recovering. Your body needs water and nutrition to help it build muscle during its recovery. Make your eating habits a priority on rest days. We all know you have to allow yourself a cheat meal here and there, but try to schedule it for a day when you are going to be engaging in a high-intensity workout.

This is a day you’ll also want to look at vitamins and supplements. This could be a chance to use Do Vitamins that help with muscle fatigue and will ready your body for the workout coming up. Use your recovery protein powders, and stock up on the nutrients you need to stave off soreness and ready yourself for the next round.
Keep Moving
Move around a little. If you are new to fitness, take a rest day every three days, but do some light stretching on that day to help your muscles recover from all this new activity. If you are a more seasoned exercise enthusiast, you may want to spend your rest day taking a walk or doing some yoga. Either way, pick something that is relaxing and fun, and will work to loosen up that sore body. If you have had an especially intense workout week, you may want to do very little. Only you can determine what is best for your body.
Use your rest day to review your accomplishments that week. If you keep a fitness journal or notebook, your rest day is a good day to just write about some things you are proud of, or maybe write down some things that you want to put more effort into. A rest day is a good time to evaluate how you feel your fitness journey is going, and writing things down can help you stay motivated.

That rest day is tough to take sometimes, especially if you are really enjoying your fitness journey, but your body will thank for that recovery time. Keep these things in mind when putting together your fitness routine.


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