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Workout Form Hacks that will help you Improve Results


Working out is something that we all love to get engaged in. While there are a few lazy ones who would prefer running away from a busy workout schedule, there are also a few others who cannot stay a day without walking into the gym. But, is it enough to simply walk in and perform some exercises and workouts that you are asked to do?
There is a lot to it! You cannot simply move your body saying that you are working out. You need to focus on the method and the techniques that the workout demands. Not performing the exercise with the required intensity will not give you the results that you have been waiting for. Or performing each exercise vigorously might also result in injury and pain to the muscles. Therefore, we all need to be careful with the exercises that we perform and the way each one needs to be performed.

Some Live workout-form hacks that are often found ignored are as mentioned below. These may be the smallest alterations that we make while working out, but each of these can have a major impact on the results that we obtain.

The Position of the Hands while performing a Push-up:

In most of the exercises, it is seen that people often neglect the positioning of the hand. This is an important factor that cannot be ignored while performing a push-up. A few people are seeing starting the push-up exercise right away without realizing the hand position that they need to maintain. If you place your hands a little wider than the normal position, you are sure to work out the outer chest and the upper back portion effectively. Whereas, if you place the hands close to each other, forming a triangular shape, you might work to activate the triceps effectively. You can also try performing a push-up with one hand higher than the other. This will create a slight twist in the regular exercise, and will help you to activate the core as well.

The Position of the Feet while performing a Squat:

We all know that squats are very effective for activating the quad and the hamstring muscles. But, one thing that we all miss out is confirming whether our feet are positioned well. The standard form of squat demands the feet to be straight, with the toes pointing forward. While one lowers his body to perform the squat, the knees should remain in line with the feet. This will give an effective strain on the muscles. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the feet should not face inwards. If this happens, it will cause a severe strain on the knees and will result in a bad knee pain. In order to avoid this, you can try pointing your feet pointing outwards; not too much, but just a little.

The Position of the Back while performing Shoulder Press:

Some people have the habit of or some others unconsciously tend to sway their back while performing the shoulder press. This swaying may at times result in a severe lower back pain that may last long. Since the weights are carried up and being swayed right on the lower back, there is a lot of stress that you would experience here. Therefore, twisting the glutes and the abs slightly, might help in avoiding the stress put on the lower back. If you try performing the shoulder press this way, you can then try increasing the weights with no fear of a severe back injury.

The Bench Height while performing a Step-up:

Any kinds of step-ups usually target the quads to a larger extent. But, if you wish to concentrate more on the quads and the hamstring together, you need to use a bench that is higher. Both these muscles are actually being worked out. But, in order to increase the intensity of the workout, you can increase the height of the bench. Another factor that can be modified in order to increase the intensity is the distance you would move away from the bench. These are just a few modifications that will help you improve the results that you would get by performing the standard form of the exercise.

All the above mentioned exercises are actually the common ones. But, the hacks are rarely shared with anyone. You need not perform any complicated exercises to get better results. A few effective modifications like the ones mentioned above will surely help in improving the way you workout.

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