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Women’s Fitness – Ultimate Tips to Lose your Weight


Do you stand in front of the mirror and stare at by seeing your fatty belly or lumpy skin? Sure; I hope it is not the greatest sight to see! Getting a fit body is not an easy task at any cost! Make a commitment to yourself and stick on the ways to get slim and healthy, instead of drowning in the ocean of sorrow. Want to know how? Here’s the solution. Following are a few simple tips to kick-start your weight loss campaign and stay motivated:

There is No Short Cut to Success:

When you cherish to do something you need to take stairs and be sure to realize there is no elevator in the game of life! This is so true when it comes to your fitness and health. Expecting to lose 10 pounds in a single week just because you need to look pretty when you wear that red dress in your friend’s party is so stupid and a foolish thought. Though you manage to achieve it with unhealthy diets, as a result you would gain it all back!

Fitness is just a way of life:

The first and foremost mistake that people do while trying to lose weight is nothing, but considering it as a temporary goal. My advice is not to get focused on short-term results, fancy fitness might make you look gorgeous, but it is not long lasting! Make fitness as a way of your life by keeping in mind that it is not for a short-term.

No Yo-Yo Dieting:

People always mistake dieting is to eliminate carbohydrates and fats completely from the meals. But it is not at all true! Fitness does not mean you should eliminate the goods. It is about taking it in a right way with right quantity. It is very beneficial to take salads, nuts, fruits and green veggies and they produce great strength for your workout campaign. Eat every 2 hours a day. Is it mocking funny? Of course, but the fact is 50% of your body fat will get melted down if you eat frequently in small proportions. You can try it out with carrot, nuts, cucumber, vegetable juices and other low fat yogurt in order to go green.

Cardio and Strength Training:

Exercises like jogging or running with treadmill, cross training, aerobics provide excellent cardiovascular exercises that help in burning your calories. 20 minutes of any of these exercises per day can do lots of wonders in increasing your stamina! And we know strength training in very inevitable when it comes to fitness routine, and there are many workouts that can be done such as lifting weights, free hand exercises, curls, resistance bands exercises and etc can make more sense in enhancing your core strength.

 Cut out Sugar and Drink lots of Water:

If you are very serious about losing weight, then you must eliminate white sugar and other food that contains sugar. It is the first diet plan that you have to note down when it comes to losing your belly fat! It is also mandatory to drink at least three liters of water every day! It is very essential as it is the only thing that could compensate your weight loss during workouts. By drinking adequate amount of water, you also ensure that your blood pressure levels, sugar levels stays normal and the circulation of blood remain as usual.


About the Author:

Sophie Natasha is a passionate blogger who loves to research about healthy diets and practices for spreading awareness to the world and making simple thoughts to stay fit and healthy!


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