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Will Scratching Produce Stretch Marks?


Stretch Marks


There is numerous causes for stretch marks and itching can be one of them. However, it all depends on the stretch mark themselves, and the set of circumstances that do involve them overall at the end of the day. Scratching can produce stretch marks in some cases, but again, it is all dependent on the situation surrounding exactly what you are scratching in the first place.

What is this scratching or itching that is associated with stretch marks?

The scratching and itching that goes along with each stretch mark is different. This is because each stretch mark is different and existing for a different reason. Therefore, if you scratch your stretch mark, it is probably for some specific reason. These reasons can range from allergies to rashes to your skin being dry to whatever else. So, with this said, the scratch that goes along with each itch for a stretch mark is for some existing form of condition being present.

How do you keep your stretch marks from itching, so you won’t scratch?

There are lots of working ways to alleviate the itch of stretch marks, just so you won’t scratch, and one of them is to fill up a tub of water that is very cool in temperature and throw in a pack of colloidal oatmeal into the water. The next step is to soak in the tub with this oatmeal for 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure to expose the stretch marks to the water. Then get out of the tub and dry yourself gently. No rubbing allowed.

What kind of treatment is best for the scratching/itching of stretch marks?

Does scratching during pregnancy cause stretch marks?

Pregnant women do tend to have lots of very dry and itchy skin during pregnancy. However, scratching will not cause stretch marks overall. What too much scratching can do is to cause small tears in the skin and this is not good. In addition, plus, the more you itch, the more you want to scratch. So, with this said, try not to allow yourself to itch. Do this by keeping your skin very moisturized and not dry at all.

Does scratching make stretch marks worse?

Scratching is something that can prove to be very uncomfortable and annoying at the same time. Therefore, if you are itching, don’t scratch. It will only aggravate the itching all the more and make you want to scratch all the more. Find a way to stop the itching before it gets out of hand. It can make stretch marks worse depending on what type of situation you are in. Find some form of relief for your itch and just don’t sit there scratching. Scratching can lead to infection in some cases and is not highly advised to do. Don’t do it. Contact a medical professional for advice.

What kind of treatment is best for the scratching/itching of stretch marks?

There are lots of very real treatments to relieve the scratching that is associated with itching. One of the best treatments is to get a natural lotion or cream that is excellent for moisturizing the skin and keeping it from drying out. Another treatment is to cut your fingernails down properly. Therefore, if you do get the urge to scratch, you will not damage your skin much with short fingernails to scratch it with. This way you won’t tear your skin or leave any visible marks. You can also take a therapeutic type of bath with colloidal oatmeal such as Aveeno. Consult your medical expert for more treatments for skin that is very itchy in description.
Scratching can be a very annoying thing, but with stretch marks, it can prove to be something doubly annoying for all the wrong reasons. This is because having stretch marks is aggravating enough, and when they itch, all you do want to do is scratch them. However, scratching stretch marks isn’t good, because it can only pile up the irritation factor in a major way. Then you need to apply some all natural lotion to the stretch marks that will make them feel soft and smooth.


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