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Why you should be careful when going on holiday


Of course there are things that we all know to be aware of when we’re preparing to leave – like taking out cash or getting our visa or ESTA online – but there are also lots of ways our vacation can go wrong that we don’t even think about. When it comes to your health and safety, there’s no harm in taking some extra precautions while you’re abroad. So, before you board your plane, make sure you’re prepared to face all of the risks that come with going on holiday.

Bring a first aid kit

Injuries can happen anywhere at any time, especially if you have kids with you. It’s so easy to simply slip a first aid kit into the car or into the luggage, and when an emergency arise s you’ll be glad to have it. All you need is a simple kit with basic medical, like antiseptic, bandages and painkillers, and if anyone in your vacationing part has any pre-existing health conditions you can keep spare medication in your kit in case anything happens to their normal supply.

Sun protection

A lot of the time we can forget to bring it or not bring enough. Even in countries that are covered in snow you can get sunburn, so don’t assume that you can’t have sun without heat. Keep yourself protected, even if you don’t plan on sitting out in the sun. Don’t be scared about getting some high factor sunscreen, either. You can still get a tan when you wear sun protection, it’ll just take a bit longer. If you’re going somewhere especially sunny, don’t forget to take a hat. Your scalp can get sunburned, too.

Be careful with your food

Food poisoning is a common occurrence on holiday, especially if you’re eating out regularly. You can get it from the water, from mishandled food or from an unsanitary cooking environment. If you want to avoid food poisoning, drink bottled water (the bottle top should be sealed closed. If the seal has been broken, don’t drink it) or bring your own bottle of water around to prevent creating waste. Take some iodine in your luggage and add a couple of drops to a bottle of boiled water to clean up anything that might be in it. To avoid getting food poisoning you should cook more often than you eat out, and avoid street vendors. Cooking your own food while you’re abroad can also save you money and help you stay healthy. When it comes to ingredients, your motto should be ‘peel it, boil it, cook it, or forget it’ if you want to add an extra level of caution.

Prevent disease

Before you go anywhere you should be up-to-date with any vaccines you may need while you’re travelling and have any preventative medication, like malaria pills, close at hand and in good supply. You can also protect against diseases and viruses by bringing some disinfectant or anti-bacterial gel. Do some research about what sort of health risks you’ll face while on holiday and be prepared.


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