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Why do my feet go numb on the elliptical machine?


Elliptical machine users often ask themselves a question why do my feet go numb on the elliptical machine? The low-impact elliptical machine is easy on the knees and hips but then if you fail to lift your foot occasionally then it can cause irritating foot numbness. Some of the elliptical pedals allow you to carry out limited range of motion that further contributes towards causing numb feeling in the feet for blood circulation gets reduced. If you are encountering this problem then the best solution would be to search for the machine made by some different manufacturer or the elliptical machine having pivoting foot pedals.

Reasons why feet goes numb on the elliptical machine

If you use elliptical machine, then you surely might have experienced sleeping foot syndrome. The experience of having numb feet can be a bit annoying for whenever you are in elliptical machine; numbness can break your focus and also disrupt the workout session. Unfortunately, users have to get off the machine and walk a bit to shake off numbness. It is quite unusual for the feet to go numb even when you are standing upright. The question why do my feet go numb on the elliptical machine keeps on haunting the elliptical machine users. However, this simply happens because of lack of proper blood circulation for the time being. Flexing or wiggling your feet can prove sufficient when your feet feel numb. Apart from this, being on the elliptical machine is similar to standing motionless in one particular place or waiting in the long queue for longer spells. The machine has very low impact over the body and since the user’s feet never steps off from the foot pedals, there might be lose sensation on the feet, causing a feeling of numbness. You must always try to promote blood circulation even when you have routine work at hand. Remember to move your toes always no matter how much you tend to get engrossed in your work.

Spending long hours on elliptical machine: Potential cause of feet numbness

Do not stay on elliptical machine for a long time. If you work out on elliptical machine for longer hours, feet numbness can sink in. You can work out for 30-45 minutes; 4 times daily, but spending 2-3 hours continuously, working out on elliptical machine can certainly disrupt the blood circulation, causing feet numbness. Since, feet has to bear the entire body’s weight, numbness tends to set in.

How to avoid feet numbness?

In order to get rid of numb feet, you need to understand its cause first. You can promote blood circulation by stretching and wiggling a bit. Do not use elliptical machine for 3-4 hours continuously, rather exercise frequently and regularly few times daily to avoid numbness. Longer you stay on elliptical machine; greater is the chance of developing sleeping foot syndrome. Besides this, always wear well-cushioned shoes when you are working out on elliptical machine. Do your best to avoid restricted circulation. You can also wear larger shoes to allow some room to wiggling, feet swelling. This will also allow you to lift the toes periodically as you go pedalling. Try to shift your weight from heels to the toes again and again. You can also pedal backwards on elliptical machine to avoid numbness.


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