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Why Cancer Patients Need Hospice Care


When cancer treatment stops working or the tumor rapidly spreads, providing care can become an exhausting and strenuous ordeal for family members. Research has shown that, during this time, Hospice care can help cancer patients and their families experience a higher quality of life than they would otherwise experience.

Based on your needs and preferences
Through hospice care you can receive services from a dedicated care team, such as the one at Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care or any other full-service hospice care provider. Whether you are in a facility or in your own home, you are fully in control of your care. You are able to determine the nature and extent of the care you receive and you are free to change your mind at any time. This kind of flexibility is particularly crucial during the final stages of cancer where health can rapidly change.

Keeps you as comfortable as possible for as long as possible
Hospice nurses and other healthcare providers are able to quickly evaluate and respond to your pain management and symptom control needs. Frequent and focused assessments give you the information you need to make your own care choices. Knowledgeable hospice staff provide you with an array of medications, therapies and other treatment options you need to feel as well as medically possible.

Hospice care gives your family the tools
Whether your family would like to provide some of your direct care or not, hospice personnel can help support your family’s goals. Hospice workers can provide basic assistance, support and training in the safest ways to help you bathe, eat or move. They are equally adept at providing you with assistance, fading into the background as much as possible, so your family can spend time together with the least amount of interruption as possible.

Access to comprehensive support
Hospice workers are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable listeners who can attend to your needs and connect you with skilled helpers in a variety of disciplines. Whether your children could benefit from some counseling for anticipatory grief or you would like spiritual guidance, Hospice care can help meet your family’s needs before and after your death.

The final stages of cancer may feel like an insurmountable obstacle. Hospice care can help you and your family cope with its many challenges.


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