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Whole Grains and Your Diet – Why Some Bread Isn’t as Bad as Others


There are many different types of breads on the market today but not all bread is made in the same way and not all types are good for you. Different kinds of bread use different types of grains and also have a wide variety of ingredients in them, including preservatives, sugar and other fillers. With all these additives it is no wonder bread has been getting a lot of flak lately and while this is the case, some bread is not as bad for you as others. The quality of the grain and the other ingredients used to make a loaf of bread will greatly affect your body in different ways. Take a look at some of the breads that you should be eating right here.


Low Glycemic Index

A loaf of bread that is made with whole grains and is high in fiber will have a low glycemic index. The glycemic index refers to the effect of a particular kind of food on your blood sugar level. When a particular food has a high glycemic index, the effect on your blood sugar is substantially higher. On the other hand, when the glycemic index of specific food is low, it does not raise your blood sugar in the same way. By eating a high fiber bread that is low on the glycemic index, your blood sugar level will remain stable, which will help your overall energy level to remain stable throughout the day.


No Preservatives

Many baked goods today have preservatives in them to prevent spoilage and to maintain a soft texture but this can potentially be detrimental to our health. Many of these preservatives have been clinically shown to add to the carcinogenic load on our bodies and should be taken in, in moderation. How a person responds to preservatives or other chemicals is very individual and you should be aware of how your body reacts. Eating bread that is manufactured without preservatives is a healthier, safer option for most people and so many manufacturers offer that as an option.


Non-Genetically Modified Grains

There are many different varieties of grains used to make bread. Many of these grains have been genetically modified, in order to create a grain that is more resistant to a variety of pests and to increase the shelf life of the bread. However, it is not yet known how genetically modified grains affect the human body over the long term. Given the situation, it is advisable to eat bread that is not made out of genetically modified grains.


Clearly, some types of bread are not as bad for you as others. Eating organic, whole grain breads from the Klosterman Baking Company will nourish you without deleteriously affecting your health. In addition, by eating bread that is all natural and high in fiber, your blood sugar will remain stable throughout the day, which will enhance your overall energy level.


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