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What nobody tells you about your anti-aging face cream


Anti- aging face cream has become a big business. You can’t switch on the television, or surf the net, or flip the pages of a magazine without encountering an advertisement for a face cream that promises to wipe your wrinkled aging skin off. The truth is that most of us just slap face cream on our face without too much thought, after all, face cream is face cream, right? You are wrong. There is more than what shared in most of our conversations. Below are relevant facts about anti-aging face creams that are left out in most conversations.

Anti-aging face creams are beneficial at the early stages.

Aging does not start at our 40s. Aging may start as early at 18 when we start spending most of our times outdoor doing activities such as gardening, or basking in the sun. The UV rays of the sun are the primary causative of aging. The face is the part of the body that is so much exposed. Thus we should apply face cream when having outdoor activities. Facial care is always important, no matter the age.

Not all anti-aging creams are suitable for your face.

We all have different type of skins. Thus there are various anti-aging face creams suitable for everyone. If you have sensitive skin, then avoid face creams with fragrance. Also for oily skin women, make sure that the anti-aging creams you are going to use have no added oil or ingredients that may clog your skin pores.

Wear Face creams throughout the year

Once we get the expected results with our anti-aging face creams, we think about ditching the rest of the products. The truth is that we need to continue using the face cream products so that we can maintain the glowing skin.

You should apply anti-aging face cream all over

Face cream contains anti-aging ingredients. A rich effective anti-aging will efficiently work on your skin making it glow all over. However, the problem is that they aren’t cost effective since they are more expensive than body creams, you may end up getting broke.

The formulation of the cream is what matter

When suggesting to our friends about anti-aging face creams, we recommend the expensive face creams and brands. An important fact is that even the drug store drugs will do the trick for you, just choose the cream with the right formulation.

Pay attention when picking a face cream

Always read the label, not the brand. Know the ingredients that are best fit for your skin type as we all have different skins. I would recommend you to pick the anti-aging face cream with the small molecules as they work faster on your skin.

The face creams do not penetrate the skin

It’s true that no cosmetic penetrate the skin. The skin has a protective barrier that prevents certain substances from penetrating through the pores. Wondering how they help? Well, the anti-aging face creams keep your skin hydrated, prevent rays that enhance aging, and they prevent infections.

Be sure with what you apply as anti-aging face creams

One should be sure on what you use on your face. If you decide to go for natural anti-aging creams, then you should opt for those with active components such as Aloe Vera, Collagen or wheat germ. These components will be beneficial to your skin.

When you should switch up

Although the face creams are worn throughout the year, you should know when to change them up. In the warmer season go for, the lighter creams that won’t clog your pores. In the winter, switch to face cream with heavier formula.

You don’t need neck cream

You don’t need neck cream. The face cream you use is enriched enough with ingredients to soften and smoothen the neck region. There is no reason to invest on more separates products.


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