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What is Orange Theory Fitness and How Does it Work


It appears that many workout systems are rated as the ultimate workout and all touted to be the most effective over all the rest. It is better to have a viewpoint that is open to different exercise programs and find one that is the best for you. Complete physical fitness involves both cardiovascular training and strength training. When combined properly, these exercises can be combined to create interval training in order to sustain a target heart rate for the entire duration of exercise.

Ideally the workout system you choose should have both elements of strength and cardiovascular exercises. Take a look at orange theory fitness reviews and you’ll discover an interesting system which booms at the top of the charts as one of the most effective workout systems that anyone can do. Ultimately the best system for you will address all areas of the body and overall endurance. It should also have a time limit in order to reach all goals for the workout in a pre-determined period of time. The Orange fitness theory covers both.

The orange system usually lasts about one hour per session. For the most part, the goal is to reach your target heart rate and sustain it for the entire hour. You may not be that fit in the beginning, but these workouts allow you to excel at your own pace. When your heart rate is at 85% of maximum, you are in a great zone to burn fat. Most people get involved with a great workout system to lose fat and increase muscle tone. If you don’t get into that target heart rate, fat-burning is not sustained and you don’t gain as much benefit.

Perhaps you have been involved with HIIT training or at least you have heard of it. The advantages of high intensity interval training are numerous. You improve strength and endurance during your hour of working out by alternating high intensity exercise with lower intensity exercises. This help to get you into a steady fat-burning state and also allows muscle groups to rest enough so you don’t become exhausted while still achieving the whole workout.  Orange theory workouts work on a similar principle.

Another advantage of interval training workouts is how the time seems to pass by quickly. With more monotonous workouts, like running, it may seem like it goes on forever and you are always checking the watch or clock for a hopeful ending. Don’t put yourself through this. Good workouts should be fun to do. You want a great instructor who maintains a positive attitude and supports you with all of your fitness goals. Once you discover the proper routine for you, it simply becomes a matter of good habits, not as an obligation.

Now that you know a new workout method is sweeping the country, maybe it is time to give it a try. Feel free to try out any methods. When you have the training you need, it is best to buy multiple workouts at one time so money is saved and the workouts are consistent. Enjoy the health benefits the new Orange Theory Fitness that go beyond the HIIT paradigm.

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