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What Foods Can I Eat for Fresher Breath?


There is no worse feeling than realizing that someone has to avoid direct conversation because of their bad breath. No matter how many mints someone might eat, bad breath keeps coming back. It may mean it is time to lay off the onions, or it may mean adding a couple extra foods to the diet. These are just a few foods that help grant fresher breath as well as healthier teeth and gums.



Apples, as well as other crunchy fruits or vegetables, are extremely high in fiber, which helps with gum health. All the chewing involved also produces larger amounts of saliva, which works as a mouth cleaning supplement and germ deterrent.


A cup of plain yogurt per day can prevent other foods from invading someone’s breath. Yogurt works to lower the amount of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, which can cause an almost rotten egg kind of stench within the mouth.


Berries, oranges or melons are packed with Vitamin C, which works to prevent bacteria in the mouth. The citric acid inside oranges can sometimes be damaging to teeth so it is best to limit how many are consumed per week.


As weird as this sounds it can actually help! A piece of cheese right after eating is not only tasty but it can neutralize some of the dietary acids that become stuck in the teeth. These acids often give off a bad odor if left alone but if the cheese is fortified with vitamin D and calcium then it may benefit oral health.

Sugarless Gum

It may not be as tasty as regular bubble gum, but gum that contains a lot of sugar is horrible for oral health as particles can easily become wedged inside the teeth and bacteria will feed off the sugars. But sugarless gum does not contain the same problems and heightens the saliva flow within the mouth, which helps significantly in the fight against bacteria.

Parsley and Other Garnishes

There is a reason that restaurants put a sprig of parsley on their plates of food. Chewing on parsley releases fresh oils into the mouth that create a pleasant odor. Green garnishes such as rosemary or basil work as well. You might even consider chewing on cloves in lieu of gum as it can create a fresh sensation.


Sucking on a cinnamon stick is almost like having a piece of candy and it can overtake strong odors, even onions. An essential oil inside cinnamon fights against oral bacteria and stops it from settling into the interior of the mouth.


Having fresh clean breath is something that every person wants and with a few little snacks, they can easily obtain it. No one should have to worry about having a face to face conversation because of the tuna they had for lunch. With a few easy tricks, individuals can have multiple onion-filled meals without any worries that their breath is going to raise the dead.

Information Credit: Dr Peter Wong

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