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What are the Effective Treatment Solutions for Back Acne?


Back acne also known as ‘bacne’ is relatively common in people. Most people suffer from facial or bacne. Back acne can take any form like blackheads, pimples, pus cells, nodules or cysts. These can be painful, or you may not even know that you have them. Some acne tends to cause irritation and tend to cause inflammation and redness. Back acne can cause low self-confidence and insecurity in many people. It leads to emotional depression mostly seen in women as one can’t flaunt their spotted backs like others at social gatherings. There are several treatment solutions for back acne that lighten and eliminate blemishes and scars.

  • Causes of back acne

There are different reasons that can cause back acne. One of the main reasons is the excessive secretion of sebum by sebaceous glands, which clogs the hair follicles and pores. Eventually, these clogged pores and follicles turn into inflamed acne. Some studies show that wearing synthetic and fitted clothes, excess perspiration and carrying shoulder backpacks can cause back acne. Some believe that oily foods, stress, hormone imbalance and genetic hereditary also play a vital role in developing bacne.

  • How to prevent back acne?

Back acne can be avoided by regular exfoliation. It helps to unclog and eliminate dead skin that blocks your hair follicles. You can start using mild scrubs to carry out the exfoliation process. Try avoiding medications that stimulate androgen and lithium, which leads to acne lesions. When you buy skin care and beauty products, make sure you aren’t purchasing oil-based products. Excessive oil secretion leads to clogging and causes blackheads and pimples. If you have a tendency of perspiring, make sure you wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic fabrics.

  • Treatment solutions for back acne

Treating mild back acne conditions are easy to cure with over-the-counter creams and drugs. There are many acne solution products available in the market; however it is essential that you know what will suit your skin the best. Skin care products that are formulated with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, and sulfur treat mild bacne flare-ups. Apart from selecting the best acne solution product, you must remember to buy products that are suitable for back acne and not facial acne. Though facial and body acne may seem similar visually, the treatment for both vary. You can also read derma nova pro reviews, which is also very effective and recommended skin care product.

In case, you are suffering from a severe back acne condition then it is recommended you take an experts opinion. One must visit a dermatologist to seek the right treatment for their acne type condition. Many doctors suggest that one must take regular supplements to nourish the skin with the essential vitamins and nutrients. A balanced diet along with regular intake of water helps to detoxify all the harmful toxins from your body by increasing oxygen to your skin. This habit will unclog all the follicles and pores giving you spotless and soft skin. Body brushing is another technique recommended by skin specialists, which regulates and reduces dead skin cells. One can select from the many body brush options seen in the market today.

The treatment solutions mentioned above for back acne help to get rid of those ugly red pimples and nodules. It gives you a glowing, spotless and beautiful back. Wear your deep cut dresses and flaunt that mesmerizing back. Please note that lightening and eliminating acne and blemishes take up to several weeks, and it is a slow process. While undergoing treatment for your acne condition, you need to keep immense patience to view positive results. However, if the above treatments do not bring a difference in your acne condition make an appointment with your dermatologist at the earliest.


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