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What Are The Best Methods To Improve Your Running Times?


All runners want to improve their running times, but not every runner goes about it the right way. Improper or ineffective methods can result in frustration, delayed progress and wasted time and energy. Below introduces six effective ways to improve your running times.


Cross Training
Many runners prefer to strength train in order to get stronger. However, this can actually result in muscle imbalances that impede the runner’s movements. The key is to include a variety of multi-joint and muscle exercises into your workout. For example, planks, squats, clams, lunges and even pushups are all excellent exercises that will build both stability and strength.


First made popular by Soviet track and field athletes, these jump training exercises focus on maximum force in a minimum amount of time. Plyometrics are great for improving muscle elasticity, speed and strength. For example, power skipping involves lifting the upper leg as high as possible while squat jumps involve simply squatting low and jumping high.


Many runners make the mistake of getting into great shape, slacking off and then trying to get back into shape again. As a result, the runner must work extra hard to get back into peak shape. This will delay progress and create a vicious cycle of continual re-training. Instead, consider a consistent training year with scheduled breaks.


Intensity Variation
Always running at the same volume and intensity is not as effective as varying the intensities. For example, alternate between customized, easy and hard runs. For example, alternate between fast sprints, moderately difficult long runs and long endurance runs. Rotating the volume, intensity and difficulty will improve your overall running time.


Step Cycles
Step cycles are similar to varying running intensities, but they take place over a few weeks’ time. Step cycles involve increasing or decreasing the intensity every week. For example, running 20 miles repeatedly the first week, then 30 miles the next week. Three week cycles are recommended for beginners. Four week cycles are recommended for veteran runners.


Professional Program
Consider trying a professional running program to improve your times. You may wish to work with a personal trainer or take classes at your local gym. Athletic Quickness also offers a great training program that can help you improve your running times. Reaching your fitness dreams and goals is possible with dedication and the help of professional programs.

Improving your running times can mean it’s necessary to make a variety of changes to your workout routine. These tips can help you to reach your fitness goals and improve your running times.

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