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Weight Loss and Wellness: How to Lose Weight Over the Holidays


Let’s face it, the holidays aren’t exactly a dieter’s best friend. From grocery stores displaying treats down every aisle to commercials telling you it’s acceptable to cheat a little, it seems that everyone is out to ruin your weight loss goals. Don’t be discouraged. With some planning and determination, you can achieve anything.

Don’t Cheat

As much as people will try to make excuses for you, don’t let them ruin your clean eating. Losing weight does not happen if you agree to a slice of pie here, cookies there and a few specialty coffees along the way. Instead, stick to the clean stuff. Just as many meats and veggies make their way to the holiday banquet. Because they’re usually untouched, that just means more for you.


This time of year is no excuse to stop exercising. Even if you do plan on sneaking some pie, the calories in won’t be subtracted from your weight just because you got onto Santa’s “nice” list this year. If it helps, keep summertime in mind. You want to look good in a swimsuit, right? Stay focused on that goal body you know you have. After all, summer bodies are built in the winter.

The hCG Diet

If you are into pursuing more than just clean eating, look to the hCG diet. hCG is a hormone normally found in only pregnant women that, when taken with a healthy diet and exercise, causes the fat in female “problem” areas (think hips, butt and thighs) to be used up, decreasing how much is there (Source: Chicago Weight Loss Clinic).

Drink Water

The holidays are known not only for food but the decadent drinks that come with them. Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the sort are all considered staples of the holiday season yet one of those drinks alone can easily serve as a quarter of the total calories you should consume per day. Instead, rely on water. Not only will it keep your metabolism healthy and working properly, it will keep your skin glowing during a season that tries to dry it out.

The holidays are tricky to navigate if you’re not prepared, leaving many to start their weight loss plans come the New Year. But not you. You are ready to start now. Be smart about what you consume and don’t shirk off exercising just because you don’t feel like it. Take hold of your future and conquer your dreams.


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