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Vibrant and Focused: 5 Ways to Be Healthier at Work


Staying fit and taking care of your health is a round-the-clock job. However, your workplace may not provide the conditions you need to ensure your good health. With a few simple actions you can ensure that your place of employment is an extension of the care you provide for your health during your non-working hours.

Get Up and Move Around Periodically

Long periods of sitting can have as many negative effects on your body as smoking. Instead of sending an email, walk over to the other person’s desk and talk to them. Take advantage of every opportunity to get up, stretch and move around.

Consider Ergonomics at Your Work Station

If you work at a computer, make sure your monitor is at the proper angle to prevent neck strain and headaches. Make sure your office chair can be set to the proper height for comfortable working. Get a wrist rest to prevent strain from working at the keyboard.

Use Personal Safety Equipment Consistently

If you work with hazardous chemicals or materials that can cause injuries, always utilize the personal safety equipment, like gloves, resistant clothing and eye protection. Simple measures like wearing a back brace can help to prevent injuries on the job. If you are injured through no fault of your own, such as in an accident in a company car, contact a workers’ compensation or accident attorney to discuss workers’ compensation and your rights under the law.

Protect Your Eyes When Doing Computer Work

The light that emanates from electronic devices can damage your eyes. If you work at the computer all day, you should take special care to protect your vision. When at the computer, look away from the screen every few minutes to give your eyes a rest. Do a few eye exercises during the take to keep your eyes from tiring. Move your eyes upward, and then downward. Then, move your eyes from side to side. Talk to your eye doctor about computer glasses that can prevent eye fatigue.

Improve Your Indoor Air with Live Plants

Placing a few live plants around your work area can help to remove common indoor contaminants and provide more oxygen for you to breathe during your workday. Having live plants in your office can help to reduce stress, lower the rate of illness, improve productivity and increase well-being.

Individuals spend a great deal of time at work. Taking these actions can make your workplace a safer, healthier and happier place to be.


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