In skinology, skin tags are the most important issue to understand. Skin tags are flesh colored, small growth on skin. Over 40 percent of adults get them in their life. Skin tags are usually smaller than half inch in size, quite soft and have same color of your skin. One or two small tags aren’t a major issue until they appear on highly visible area or create irritation.

Few people will develop multiple skin tags on different parts of body, where friction occurs, including face, upper chest, back, neck, groin, testicles, around eyes, nipple, and anus and under breasts. Friction is caused by jewelry, skin on skin contact and clothing. Among other factors, hormonal changes, age, weight gain, and genetics are major one. However their actual causes are difficult to know. Learning about how to safely remove skin tags at home is important, particularly for those who want to feel confident with good looks.

Causes of Skin Tags

People who are obese and use steroids are at higher risk. Mostly it occurs because of frequent skin rubbing. Pregnant women are highly prone to skin tags. Younger people are more likely prone to skin tag than older people. Skin tags are neither harmful nor cancerous in anyway. Removing skin tags is a pure cosmetic procedure and considered non-essential by skinologists and dermatologists.

On visible places like eyelids, face, groin or neck, skin tag can safely removed. Sometimes they grow back, however reasons for this is still unknown. When they come back, they can be treated the same way.

At Home Treatment for Removing Skin Tags Fast

Instead of visiting a doctor, who leaves you with many visits, costly and complicated treatments, try to pick an over the counter treatment that can be used at home. However be careful and check the treatment for its effectiveness, safety, and side effects. Pick one that is only designed to treat skin tags only. Most treatments are meant to target several or all skin conditions and don’t work for good.

Here are 3 best skin tag treatments with their pros and cons and how they work;

Essential Oils For Removing Skin Tags

Essential oils such as tea tree oils, oregano oil, castor oil and frankincense oil are safe, affordable and effective treatment for skin tags. Tea tree oil in its purest form is the most effective and safest natural treatment for skin tags. The best part it has very little smell.

Pristine-Herbal-Touch Wart Mole Vanish

It burn and kill skin tags from roots with first application and you don’t need to spend days for treatment. Its complete kit includes an applicator and a cream. Cream is applied and left for 20 minutes. You will experience a mild to severe stinging sensation. As soon as you treat the tag, a scab will form which takes 2 or 3 weeks to fall off, and surrounding skin gradually get backs to its natural color.

It comes with 100% guarantee, and has positive customer feed backs on Amazon with average 4.1 to 5 stars rating. However it is not suitable for treating tags on face because there are more chances of disturbing the scab on face. The application isn’t runny so you can treat without damaging the surrounding skin.

Ridding Skin Tags by Freezing Them

Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze skin tags, which inhibit blood or oxygen supply to them and they simply die and fall off after several application. It is recommended and considered safe by dermatologists and skinologists.

Skin tag treatments may vary in price, aggressiveness and treatment time. Pick one on the basis of your preferences and market feedbacks. Always prefer the safety factor and pick one that is possibly natural.


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