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Turning Vegan: It’s Not Just for Weight Loss


I passed by the bookstore the other day and saw Pink as the cover of this month’s Shape Magazine and boy, did she look great. This got me thinking, “What exercise is she doing?”

But as I read through the glossy magazine, I found out that it wasn’t just the exercise, it’s the change of eating habit. Pink is now a vegan and many celebrities are already following suit.

What’s with the vegan craze?

I wouldn’t actually consider this as a craze because most of the celebrities turning to fruits and vegetables as their main source of food actually have different reasons for choosing not to eat animal products.

Apart from Pink’s situation, take Blink 182’s drummer, Travis Barker, as an example. Right after receiving news of his eight ulcers and having pre-cancerous cells in his through, he immediately quit smoking, drinking, and other vices connected to his illness. Apart from that, he embraced vegetarianism and adopted a rigorous workout regime to nurse his body back to health.

Another recent converter was Rosie O’Donnell, who after her heart attack changed her eating strategy to “no animal products at all.” The star even tries to spread the word on how other people could avoid the experience through blogging and tweeting updates.

While some stars were inspired to change their ways to a cleaner and healthy alternative, some were naturally drawn to it, much like Kirsten Bell. She shares that when she was a child, she didn’t like to eat meat. She continues to be a vegan for 16 years.

Moreover, even Former President Bill Clinton and host Ellen Degeneres have become vegetarians.

Vegetarianism 101

Vegetarianism isn’t only an eating habit; it’s also a way of life, which brings any person, in any age, a huge amount of benefits.  There are many reasons that could influence a person to go meat-free according to Venetariantime.com, such as:

  • It wards off diseases
  • It helps you weight down
  • Help you live longer
  • Ease symptoms of menopause for women
  • Reduce risks of food-caused illnesses
  • Improve your optimism
  • Save money
  • And even spare lives of animals

Ready to Become One with the Vegetarians?

Meat, cheese, milk, chicken. Ah! Remember all those yummy dishes you ate with these ingredients? Yes! They may be hard to forget and can be very challenging to forget them in place of green leafy vegetables but making a commitment to yourself as a vegan can give you more long-term happiness than the one you feel after a bite of that juicy tenderloin steak.

Having a strong mind-set to overcoming your meat and dairy product cravings is key to achieving a meat-free lifestyle. Weight loss isn’t the only reason why you might want to consider eating pure greens.

Oh yeah! And don’t forget to accompany this with the right amount of exercise and rest every day.

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Kurt Lao is the Editor of weight loss product reviews resource: WeightRater.com. He has written several product reviews to his credit and serves as a contributor to some of the top health and weight loss blogs online.

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