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Top Tips to Lose Weight


More than 35 percent of US adults are obese, while 69 percent are overweight, according 2011-2012 statistics from cdc.gov. Given the prevalence of weight loss related diseases in the US, millions of Americans are trying various ways to lose weight. If you are looking for an effective program for weight loss in New Jersey, you will find many options to choose from. Unfortunately, not all weight loss programs work, while some are painful and dangerous. It is always a good idea to opt for natural treatments, such as, colonic weight loss.

Lose Weight by Cleansing the Colon

When we consume a meal, food particles start moving through the digestive track. In the process, some foods that produce excess mucous get stuck to the walls of both large and small intestines. Over the years, the fecal matters get hardened and gain weight. Apart from causing several diseases, the accumulated fecal matter can make you overweight. It is advisable that you should limit your intake of low-fiber foods, as they move through the digestive track slower than fiber-rich foods do. As a result, the former is more likely to cause a clogged colon in the long run. For weight loss in New Jersey, you can consider getting hydrotherapy from an acclaimed NJ wellness center like New Jersey Colonic. A simple session can help you lose around 10 pounds of weight.

Drink a Lot of Water

Medical experts say that an adult should take at least 9-10 glasses of water every day. You can also opt for other fluids, such as, fruit juice. However, it is better to limit your intake of fluids that are high in calories, such as, milk and soda. Drinking a lot of water would help in keeping a healthy digestive system, improve metabolism, and promote a health bowl movement. This also helps to keep the colon healthy. You can opt for colonic irrigation for weight loss for faster and more effective results.

Exercise Regularly

It does not require mentioning that cardiovascular activities like jogging, exercising, walking, and running helps to burn calories. Experts say that one should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. For some people, the word ‘exercise’ is not very motivating. If you fall in that group, try innovative ideas. For instance, you can go for hiking or cycling, join dance classes, take part in outdoor sports like skiing or Frisbee.

Have a Healthy Diet

A lot depends on the foods you eat. Just undergoing colon cleansing for weight loss would not be enough. You need to avoid junk foods, sweets. It is also important to keep a control over you’re the quantity of foods you intake every day. One good idea would be to avoid too much variety in your meal. If you take a bite of everything, you can end up eating more. You should include more fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Opt for foods rich in vitamin C. For instance, you can take grapefruits and oranges. Other good options include yogurt and skim milk. Also limit you alcohol intake and avoid fatty foods.

Finally, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A heavy breakfast with balanced foods would help you suppress hunger for a long time. Barley could be a great option for breakfast.


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