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Top Things You Need To Stay Fit & Healthy Whilst On Holiday In Europe


Travelling to Europe can be an exhilarating experience, whether you’re going on your own, or you’re going with a group of people. Staying healthy in Europe is important, as it is when you’re on holiday anywhere in the world, and you can ensure this by making sure that your renewal of an EHIC has taken place before you go. This allows you to take advantage of free or reduced cost healthcare if you were to need of it when you go away. Staying fit and healthy while you’re on holiday in Europe can be done with these simple steps, no matter where you are.

Go For A Run

Whether you’re hitting a beach holiday, or you’re looking forward to a city break, there’s no better way to get yourself familiar with your surroundings, while staying fit and healthy than a morning run. If you’re already a runner and you do this regularly, then you should make sure that it continues while you’re on holiday, as it can help you to maintain your health and routine. Even if you’re not a runner, going for an early morning walk instead of a run is great, not only to help you stay fit, but also to give you a taste of the culture aside from the hustle and bustle of the tourists. A run or walk along the beach in the early morning can give you spectacular views, or a wander through the city can help you to find some hidden treasures that you wouldn’t have come across any time before.

Avoid Public Transport

If you can help it, when you’re out and about try to swap the heels for a pair of trainers or comfy shoes and explore on foot. This will also help you to know your way around, and you can also get a much more cultural feel for the place that you have visited in Europe. Most cities especially are accessible via foot alone, for example Budapest and Rome. Although you may want to jump on a bus if you’re in a hurry to see everything, if you can afford to take your time, explore on foot or by bike.

Use Nature As Your Gym

You can be extra adventurous when you’re on holiday while helping you to stay fit and healthy is a great way to really explore nature. If you’re on an island or a beach holiday, you can head out to the water for your workout or go hiking in the mountains for some real exercise, and some fantastic views. You can also try out rock climbing, horse riding, surfing, snorkelling, and kite-surfing which will help you to train those hard to reach muscles, and even some muscles you never knew you had. There’s plenty of sites across a number of countries that offer these types of activities in Europe, whether you’re at a ski resort or lying near a beach, so why not try something new while staying fit and healthy.

Eat Well

When you’re on holiday, it’s all too easy to start eating junk, particularly when you have the dessert buffet at an all-inclusive hotel tickling your taste buds. Remaining strong-willed when it comes to what you eat and how you eat when you’re on holiday can help you to remain fit and healthy at all times. Choose fruit, try out local fish dishes for protein and healthy fats, and cut out the junk to keep at your best, without feeling guilty about how you’ve indulged on your holiday in Europe.


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