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Top 3 Skin Care Hacks Thats Will Never Let You Down


Our skin is the largest and unarguably the most beautiful organ of the body? It diligently works to reflect your health in such an accurate way. So, why not pamper it appropriately. In order to do that, you do not need to go on a hunt from one cosmetic counter to another or buy expensive creams and lotions. All you need is to know these simple hacks/tips to take care of your skin anywhere and anytime. For you, listed below are the top 3 hacks that will never let you down.

  1. Treat Your Skin In A Very Gentle Way

It’s the daily cleansing of the skin that breaks it down. Therefore, not just only you but also your skin deserves all the pampering in the world to stay young, healthy and radiant. The trick here that works to make it all happen is to treat your skin gently.

  • Limit your hot water bath time – We do understand, it’s one of the most relaxing things you get to do every day. However, taking a long bath with hot water strips the oil that lubricates the skin and keeps it soft and supple, in a very short time. So, use warm water instead of hot water.
  • Avoid strong soap and pat dry your skin – Just like the hot water bath, strong soaps can strip away the oil from your skin. To avoid it, go for a rather mild cleanser and exfoliator. Once, you’re done bathing, gently pat or blot your skin dry to retain some of the moisture in the skin.
  • Use coconut oil or apple cider vinegar as a natural cleanser. And. to obtain a moisturizing exfoliator, mix 1 tbsp of coconut oil with 2 tbsp of sugar. Rub it for 60 seconds and then rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • Moisturize within 60 seconds – The right time to moisturize your skin is right after the bath. If you leave your skin bare for more than 60 seconds, it will start to dehydrate. That will lead to a taut and dry feeling, you need to avoid.
  1. Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Since, childhood we are all taught that the sun provides us the vital vitamin D for free. But, no one takes the time to make us aware of the fact; a prolonged exposure can lead to wrinkles, age spots and other skin problem which includes skin cancer too. Surprised and concerned, are you now? So, do not forget to use sun protection throughout the year and if the damage has already been done, try the best anti aging creams  with natural ingredients. It still might not be that late!

  • Sunscreen – It can be considered as the best friend of a woman. It silently helps to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. Therefore, use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or above for better benefits. Reapply it every two hours generously. And, do not forget to apply it on your neck, your hands and the feet as well.
  • Wear protective clothes and seek shade – Prevention is far better than cure. So, cover your skin with tightly woven clothes and along with the wide brim hats and sunglasses. Just like the sunscreen, make sure the sunglasses do block the UVA & UVB radiations to prevent crow’s feet from forming prematurely.
  • Apply the aloe vera gel loaded with antibacterial and anti inflammatory agents that soothe and promote repair. It not just only heals the sunburned skin, but also reduces acne and all kind of scars. It can also prevent premature aging, when used with a combination of olive oil and oatmeal.
  1. Eat A Healthy Antioxidant Rich Diet

A healthy diet cannot just only help your skin to look great, but it can also make you feel years younger. The reason why it happens is because, whatever you put inside your body helps to heal it from within and that clearly shows on the skin. So, choose wisely as this is the most effective way of getting a flawless skin.

  • For the dark under eyes circles – Vitamin K is recommended as an essential nutrient that increases the blood circulation to reduce the darkening of the skin beneath the eyes. It is found in abundance in pears, avocados, plums and kiwi.
  • For an uneven pigmentation – Skin pigmentation is the result of melanin found in the skin. The greater the levels, the darker the skin will appear. Only vitamin C is capable of affecting the skin pigmentation. It not just only helps to brighten the overall skin tone, but also reverse the sun damage to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin by boosting the production of collagen. Citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, etc. are all good food sources.
  • For dull and dry skin– Vitamin A rich foods are high in beta carotene levels, an antioxidant which is converted to vitamin A inside the body. It helps to repair the tissues to keep the skin healthy and vibrant. Whereas, vitamin E rich food such as mangoes, almonds and spinach help to balance the skin’s moisture levels to encourage the cell and tissue growth.
  • For the wrinkles – Vitamin A or retinol one of the main and natural ingredients of anti aging care. It is naturally found in dark leafy greens, yellow vegetables, cantaloupe, etc. They are the key to rejuvenating the skin and smoothing out fine lines and along with it the uneven tone as well.
  • To protect the skin against future sun damage – Omega3 fats found in fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout, etc allow the water and the required nutrients into the skin while keeping the toxins out. They not just only protect from the sun, but also reduce the risks of certain skin cancers and fight inflammation too.

All you need to do to take care of your skin is to follow these three hacks/tips religiously. There is no point of doing other things, if you do not follow the basics. And, in the skin care routines nothing is more important than them. So, what are you waiting for? Begin with these hacks to bring the change you wish to see in the future.


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