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Top 10 Fitness Tips from Experts to Boost your New Year Resolution


I hope many of you might have moved for fitness campaigns by enrolling resolution this New Year to lose your pounds. But are you worried to keep it up? Are you not able to manage it and tired of putting efforts in the gym?

Here’s the ultimate solution for those who could be not able to determine their fitness goals!

Eat a lot:

Eating only three meals per day? Mike Duffy, a professional trainer says half of the people are unable to lose weight as they don’t eat enough food! His advice is to eat five times a day with a gap of three hours in order to stimulate their metabolism. Studies suggest that using smaller bowls and plates to control the amount of intake food is better than eating in larger plates. Every food you are consuming must have value in terms of nutritional aspects and fuel to your body.

Muscle Building:

Discuss to any personal trainer as they will train you the basics of building muscles effectively. Firstly, improve your protein and calorie intake, so when you enter your gym you will be able to focus well. Keep yourself in form and perform movements with equipment like elliptical and treadmill. Train your weights with lifting exercises, but don’t forget to take rest in between 1 or 2 hours of your continuous reps.

Don’t go for any shortcuts, aim for the largest and achieve it with your efforts!

Fight against Fatigue:

Illness and weakness are the biggest enemies while training with stamina! Here are some tips to reduce or avoid fatigue. Drink beet juice as it increases your stamina and helps your muscles extracts lots of energy, efficiency so you can feel less exhausted. Listening to music can also expand your blood vessels increasing your overall fortitude.

Strengthen your Basics:

According to research it has been found that, if you want to build muscles, you should be patient and clear enough to set goals. Be consistent, stick to your plans, stay focused and don’t get distracted. Always get motivation from your well-wishers and be confident to keep track your progress. Make sure to take enough rest when you leave the gym.

Losing Fat:

Eat right kinds of foods as many believes in taking meat, fresh fruits and veggies, avoiding processed tin foods and juices that has high sugar content. Before getting into intense training like cardio or weight lifting, be sure to check your nutrition intake. Be concerned on the fat percentages of your body!


Supplements play a very good role in enhancing your muscles. In addition to protein supplements, take some effective strength building items that can boost your performance while working out hardly. Research says drinking caffeine before working cardio can effective burn your fat. Also, try for carnitine, hydroxycitrate and conjugated linoleic acid as they are considered as the best fat-burners.

Not the End

Never fed up to work out as it degrades your performance and de-motivate your goals towards getting fit. If you are not able to do it alone, get together with friends or partners and go social. If you are too busy at your work, don’t skip exercise, at least try for press-ups before going to bed every day so you will feel stronger the very next day!


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