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Tips on Taking Time to Relax


Whether you are a student, a parent or you work full time, it is important for everyone to take time out of their busy schedules to relax and relieve tension. Having a lot of stress in your life has scientifically been proven to shorten the lifespan of the average human being. It may seem like you have absolutely no time to spare with everything that goes on in your life, but it is just as important to relax, as doing anything else in your life.

Schedule time to relax

Depending on which days you have off, you should schedule some time during the week to relax. There are many ways you can unwind after a busy week, you can catch up on your favourite television show, such as Orphan Black, or you can watch a funny movie that will make you laugh. You can also get some suggestions from your friends and read a good book. If you have the date planned out ahead of time, you can make plans with your friends and perhaps have dinner and a movie or even go do something fun like play paintball. If you work in an office, you may not always breathe fresh air, so it is important to go to a park, such as Duncan Creek Park and take a walk either alone, or with a loved one. By doing these things, you will find that your mind will be much more clear and you will be much more relaxed.

Relaxing your body

It is important to relax your body as much as it is important to relax your mind. Doing yoga is one example of relaxing your body, while also exercising. There are many classes you can join and you can even do yoga in your home, using a yoga instructional DVD or by watching YouTube tutorial videos. There is an excellent yoga studio on College and Yonge by the name of The Yoga Sanctuary; they have flexible timings and classes every thirty minutes to suit your schedule. You can also try going to classes with a friend to increase morale and improve the likelihood of you going to the classes.

Getting a massage is an excellent way of relaxing your body. However, if you are on a budget you can try inviting a friend over and massaging each other. You can buy supplies, such as a massage table from lierremedical.com/. If you have extra money, you can try going to a professional, as they can provide you with a better and more relaxing massage. There are many types of massages to choose from, such as a Shiatsu massage, a deep tissue massage and many others.


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