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Time to add a fat burner in your fit-journey


“Since months I am on dieting but it is of no use. I mean, what i have not done. Walk, exercise, workout, yoga and even had thermogenic fat burners… But… Ah!!! I so badly want to know that where I went wrong.”

We all face such situation once during our fit-journey. Though even if we are doing exercise regularly and having balanced diet, our weight remains constant. “Why?” – that is the question now. Actually, you may think that its answer will be such that you will say “Oh!!! I knew it”, but no, it is not that much simple. We do minor mistakes which turn into huge. So we will be sharing with you some tips. After going through them, you will definitely re-check your diet schedule.

Water : How much you take water in a day? Hardly 2 to 3 glasses? Well, that is not enough whether you are on dieting or not. You should take at least a gallon (or more) a day. Water helps and accelerates fat burning process. In case if you are taking fat burner & need to make some extra trips to washroom to empty your bladder, it’ll act as a “governess” & “force” you to jump to fulfill your mission. Furthermore when you do not take your daily requirement of water in your system, you become susceptible to dehydration, which affects the level of metabolic activity and often slows it down.

 Fat burner: Right now you must be wondering that what is fat burner. Some will say it is a kind of some burner on which one has to sit to burn fat. Well, no. It is (we can say) a “will-make-you-fit” tablet/capsule. Most of time in months of our dieting we do not lose even a pound; or sometimes we have an important function/wedding to attend in a month and have 6 to 7 “extra” kgs, which are hard to lose in a month. To facilitate and help you in this troublesome time, fat burners are there.

Which fat burner is the best?: Life would have been so easy if everything available was “pure”. Today, more than the “real” fake things are available in the market. Unfortunately, some people have not spared a blessing like fat burners. Not every fat burner available is the best. Some have very harmful effects. So question is that whom should weight-loss enthusiastic trust. Well… Actually during dieting, we usually feel annoying and feel like fighting every time, our appetite increases x10, everything starts appearing tasteless to us, and we want to make our muscles hard. For all this, Alphamine should be our first priority. It is favourite fat burner of many men as well as women. No discrimination! All can us! Cool?!

Don’t be greedy: Sometimes some people are in so hurry to get rid of unwanted fat that they start taking more (than recommended) dose. This mistake of them makes a “real” fat burner looks like a “fake” and thus has many negative and dangerous effects as well. So stop being greedy. Take “recommended” dose at proper time. The proper time to have any fat burner is at breakfast in the morning. At that time, it will get absorb in your body faster, improve efficiency of the fat burner and will make you more quick.

Do your cardio: However, just taking fat burner is not enough. Do exercise, walk and yoga as well. Plus, have a proper diet. Take fruits & juices. Do not let whole struggle of fat burner – to keep you fit – go in vain.

So after going through these tips, we know, you are going to re-check your diet schedule. Remember minor things do make a huge difference.

Happy diet-life! 🙂


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