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This Amazing Diet Plan Will Help You Lose 10 Ponds In 7 Days


No, I’m not kidding! Neither were they at the General Motors when they came up with this smashing idea in 1985. Since the history behind it could easily be googled I would rather the motive and application.

Every one of us gets to wonder at some point that, just a few kg could be lost viably. Among middle-aged men and women, effective weight-loss will be a dream come true.

Mrs. Rungta is the women-next-door, who wakes up at four every morning, rushes to the neighbourhood park to join other women her age and they jog round and round and round for an hour or so.

Then she heads back home in a hurry to prepare breakfast for her kids and husband. In spite of her religiously sticking to this routine for months, a whining pout was her response when I asked her about weight-loss.

Here, I must make it clear that I have absolutely no intention of questioning the importance of morning walks, exercises, gymming and physical activities of all sorts. Undeniably there is no substitute for these. Even while following any special diets, never are the physical activities barred.

For the proper functioning of our body and biological systems, we necessarily need to stay active. It is advisable for kids and equally for the aged that they participate in some form of physical activity suited to them according to their, sex, the level of physical fitness and nature of work among other factors.

Anyway, getting back to the magical diet plan, it could be broadly understood as based on ‘prepare-shed and balance’ principle. You prepare your body first for the upcoming trials it has to face. Well, not exactly will it be a trial for your body but perhaps for your taste?

If you never have appreciated veggies and fruits then , sadly,it will suck! So,yes, after the preparation part comes the shedding and then the balance.

The whole deal was articulately framed researched and tested by the John Hopkins Research Centre before being approved by the General  Motors Corp.

Here I present it for you in absolutely layman terms.

BUT, yes a big but that is, do consult your physician before giving it a shot. It’s strictly not prudent for pregnant ladies, teenagers (since they need high-carb food with a balanced amount of proteins, vitamins, fibre, iron and everything.)People over sixty may also resort to their doctor’s advice before trying it.

The seven-day wonder that I am talking about is very-well real, try and find out for yourself.


Also widely called ‘the fruit (minus banana) day’.

Pick up Citrus fruits and melons. Wow! Lemons and Melons, rhymes!Maybe some Cantaloupes, Watermelons, and Muskmelons for lunch?

For breakfast- apples and oranges.

Pomegranate and Strawberries for dinner and lots of water in-between; about 10-12 glasses of water during the day.

Water intake should be kept maximum not just on Day-01 but for all the seven days.

Alcohol should be abstained at any cost.They add up empty calories.

The bottom line is ,eat all the fruits in the world,with the exception of banana. Eat as much as you wish.Under no circumstances, you will be asked to starve.

Break down the number of meals to more than 5,in a day.(Even on regular days,instead of gluttoning in the same go,eat every one or two hours)


The all vegetables (plus Potato) day

Yes, you got that right. Eat all the vegetables you may lay your hands upon. But instead of frying them, try to boil them. No-Oil! A big no-no! No, not even Olive-oil. Come on, you can do it. For the sake of losing 5 kilos in a matter of just seven days, can’t you? That’s the spirit!

For your complex carbohydrate, start Day-02 with a big-boiled-fat potato! Top it with celery, salt and pepper. Prepare vegetable soup and relish it today. Drink lots of water. Eat some more vegetables. Enjoy!


All vegetables and fruits (minus Potato and Banana) day



The big-bad Banana day

Bring on the Bananas today. We have been avoiding them for too long. Seven-Eight-Nine, well, as many as you can. You need this Potassium today,as a reward for sticking to the regimen for the past three days! Milk, yes, milk too, and soup.


The Feast (Plus Tomatoes) day

Eat today to the content of your heart. It’s your feast-day. Tomatoes must be given a priority though. You have the variety ranging from cheese, sprouts, the tasty soup, and lots of vegetables.


The Feast (minus Tomatoes) day 2.0

Eatendo! Feast-day is not over yet. Just exclude the tomatoes.


The Brown rice, fruits and vegetables day

As is clear from the topic, Brown-rice, fruits and vegetables is what you need. You already will start observing the changes in you by now. It will be remarkably visible. On your weight-scale, in your attitude, confidence, level of activeness and much more!

Some people get to lose as many as 8-9 kilos by the end of the week. To others its 4-5 kilos or so, but in any case it is definitely there. Corporates around the globe have been encouraging their employees to take up GM diet plan, since its advent, in an effort to increase the wellness as well as the work efficiency of their employees.

I wish you all the best, but something stays amiss… Oh, yes! The soup! Here is the recipe for  your ready-reference.

PS: The Wonder GM Soup

Remember the soup I was talking about? Let’s discuss its recipe here.

All you need is Cabbages, Onions, Tomatoes, Green Chilly, Celery, and Salt, a tea-spoon of Olive Oil, Herbs and Flavourings as desired.

Heat a pan. Sauté the chopped Onions and Green Chilly in the meagre amount of Olive Oil first, followed by Tomatoes, Celery and rest of the herbs. Then Pour Water and Simmer the whole Content foe Sixty minutes.

You can have this soup in as much of quantity as you wish, as many times as you wish and on all the days. It’s a wonder-soup, trust me. Even when you are done with this diet-plan or chose not to follow altogether, simply go for the soup in the least. Personally, I think its tasty. So, you may get to like it too.


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