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The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss 2014


Losing extra fat is one of the main concerns for many people out there. After all, everybody wants to be in perfect shape in order to look good and you might be one of them. With so many procedures available for weight loss, it’s often natural to get confused or overwhelmed. You might be advised by someone to follow a crash diet, while some others might suggest you to join a gym. If you are not able to achieve the desired results even after working very hard at the gym or taking the best fat burner available in the market and following a diet that excludes all your favorite food, there must be certain reasons that are keeping you away from your desired goals.

In order to lose weight in the right way (a process that won’t cause harm to your overall health), it is important to ask yourself certain basic questions. First of all, you need to figure out exactly why you want to lose fat – in order to look good, to become more powerful, to increase your muscle mass or to increase your fitness level. Next, it is important to figure out whether the fitness regime that you are following is suitable for you or not. Make sure you consult a trained fitness professional as he/she will make a customized fitness regime for you, considering your health problems (if any) as well as your desired goals. Apart from these, here are some simple tips that will help you lose weight in a healthy way –

• Don’t stress yourself too much

If you think that doing too many sit-ups and crunches will help you lose all the belly fat in one week, you are on the wrong track. In fact, stressing yourself to a great extent actually extends your weight loss program. If you sleep for only a few hours and take a lot of caffeine and sugar during the day, your adrenal glands will be overworked and they will make you fatter. Moreover, the stress hormone – cortisol, is generated whenever you are stressing yourself in a way or the other. So, make sure you walk for 4 or 5 kilometers at least thrice a week, opt for a stretching program that will relieve your muscles and do a number of deep-breathing exercises regularly. Also, replace the numerous cups of coffee with one/two cups of green tea. It has been clinically proven that green tea contains catechins, which encourage weight loss.

• Plan your snacks well in advance

While it is quite obvious that you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the diet plan that you are following, you might face a problem regarding what to snack on. The most readily available option is junk food and it is most likely that you will opt for it, if you have not planned anything in advance. Consider carrying some nutritious snacks with you like whole-grain cereal bars or dried fruits so that you don’t have to rely upon those burgers and French fries. Including a fat burner like dendrobium in your daily routine is also a prudent choice as it will help you to burn those excess fat faster.

• Learn how to cook

It is always advisable to have home-made food, especially when you are following a weight loss program. Try to learn some simple cooking recipes that are easy and quick to make and also taste good. Try something simple at the beginning. Slice up capsicum, chicken breasts and zucchini, sauté them in teriyaki sauce and olive oil, and have it with rice. Also consider adding raspberry ketone supplements to your diet as a number of studies have shown that this boosts up weight loss to a great extent. Such supplements are especially useful when you are not following a restricted diet schedule as raspberry ketone it reduces fat absorption from your diet and inhibits formation of fat tissues in your body, thus helping you in your fat loss goals.

Lastly, ask professionals to plan a diet and exercise regimen for you so that you can lose weight in a healthy way.


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