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The Ultimate Cleanse: Tips for Detoxing Throughout the Entire Body


It is always good to use general detoxing methods to keep your body as free from contaminants as possible. However, there are times when you may need to use a detox that targets a specific part of your body in order to really combat chemicals or unwanted buildup. If you are in need of this type of specific detoxing, the following tips will help you target certain areas, leaving you with a clean, clear, and healthy body from head to toe.


Detoxing the Skin

One of the best areas of the body to give a specific detox is the skin. This is because the skin is exposed to toxins in the environment more than any other part of the body. Start a day of skin detox by drinking teas with ingredients like nettles, dandelions, ginger and sarsaparilla root. All of these are known for to reduce puffiness and decongest the skin. Next, massage your skin thoroughly. You can do a self-massage of your face if you cannot get see a massage therapist. When you do a self-massage, make sure to take time to massage the lymph nodes in your neck as well. You then need to get a good sweat going. Exercise is the best way to do this, but you can also use a sauna or a steam room to clear your pores with a nice sweat. After you sweat, take a shower. Make sure to scrub your body well with an exfoliating body scrub and sponge. If you’ve been using toxic makeup or skin care products that seem to make your skin break out or cause irritation, a skin detox is the best way to start a new routine. Try a day of skin detox methods, and then switch your old skin products out for organic products with less chemicals. You can also read derma nova pro reviews, which is also very effective and recommended skin care product.


Detoxing the Digestive System

Your body absorbs a lot of toxins when you eat, so it’s a good idea to give your digestive system a regular detox. Start by drinking a lot of water. Drinking 12-14 glasses of water in a day is a great way to flush out your system. You should also add a lot of fiber to your diet. The fiber will help to clean out any toxins that are clinging to your intestines. Eating a lot of food with herbs and spices is a great way to detox your digestive system as well. Mint, ginger, nutmeg and fennel are all known to have cleansing properties for your digestive health. One of the very best ways to detox your digestive system is to eat fermented foods. Your stomach is full of bacteria—both good and bad. Fermented foods are chock full of good bacteria, which is the kind you want in your intestines. Eating them will help the good bacteria to colonize your digestive tract and drive out the bad bacteria.


Detoxing the Mouth

Your mouth is another part of your body that is full of bacteria. This bacteria is what causes tooth decay and bad breath. You can quickly detox your mouth and get rid of this bacteria by using the method of oil pulling. Simply place a tablespoon of sesame or coconut oil in your mouth and rinse it around your mouth for 15 minutes.

Make sure to spit it out afterwards, and be careful to avoid swallowing it. Most avid oil-pullers spit the oil into the trash rather than down the sink. According to the Winnipeg dentists at the Polo Park Dental Centre, the oil will collect the bacteria and leave your mouth clean. This will give you a beautiful smile and fresh breath, and it will also keep sores from developing.


Giving the Brain a Rest

While everyone has different methods for “detoxing” their mind, this is a key component of maintaining a healthy body. A stressed and overworked mind will start to take a toll on the body. If you feel that your brain could use a little detox, a great way to start is by distancing yourself from technology and electronics for a few hours. Although you might think that playing a game on your phone or reading a book on your tablet is allowing you to relax, this is still considered “screen time,” which doesn’t allow your brain to rest. The best alternatives to electronics are simple exercise like walking, yoga, or even just stretching.

Even if you don’t have rushed, busy days, you likely still have a lot of emotions, worries, and even burdens that follow you around every day. You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that you can’t bottle these things up because they will lead to an outburst or breakdown. While this is true for most people, it is important that you keep your emotions under control so that they don’t cause your body stress. Whether you chat with a friend, write in your journal, or enjoy daily meditation, this will allow you to pause and detox your mind of your worries and challenges.

Anyone can benefit from an occasional detox in any area of the body. We get plenty of toxins and chemicals from the food we eat, products we use, environments we live in, and our demanding schedules, so detoxing should be a basic component of your health routine. These are a few ways that you can detox specific areas of your body. Make sure that you regularly engage in these detox practices to keep your body as healthy as possible, and enjoy the benefits of an energized body and clear mind.


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