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The Kettlebell Swing: The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise!


Losing weight is not so much a secret as much as it is something most people already know how to do. There will always be someone who knows how to lose weight. I guarantee you that. The lot of them would recommend some popular celebrity diet guides, some sports nutrition for body builders, and recommend a crazy exercise machine they saw on T.V.

Those same people most likely have little to do with what real training is. But I’m here to tell you something that could literally torch your body fat. Its only requirement is one versatile fitness tool, a lot of sweat, and determination. This exercise is called the kettlebell swing, probably the most effective fat loss exercise in the world.

But why is it effective?

  1. It’s all about the number of swings

Volume training helps individuals to maximize the amount of effort they use to get the results they want. Be it lifting lighter but more or running slower but longer. When it comes to burning fat and building strength, the key lies in the number of times you can do an exercise without flinching from the basic form.

The kettlebell swing tops the volume criterion when it comes to doing a significant volume. Once you learn the basic move set, you can easily get a hundred swings in less than 15 minutes. Basically, the more you swing, the more fat you burn. More fat burned means losing weight in the long term. The fact that it’s a simple exercise means your body will be able to withstand a lot of swings in a period of time.

When you learn how to do a proper swing, even the average lifter can burn 20 calories per minute or up to 1,200 calories per hour!

  1. Gets Your Metabolism Up and Running

Metabolism is a sign that you are alive. The body’s metabolism is one of the most important factors when it comes to efficient nutrient absorption and chemical conversion. And as you may have heard, metabolism determines how fast your body burns fat. Not how much but how fast. A fast metabolism is often the ultimate goal of any fitness enthusiast as it can provide a strong and healthy body.

The good thing about the kettlebell swing is that it’s capable of speeding up your body’s metabolic rate. It can grant your body the ability to burn fat continuously for up to 48 hours. Even if you skip training for a day or two, you’ll still have the same metabolic rate. That’s a pretty decent side-effect if you ask me.

  1. Gets Your Muscles Growing

As with every other form of weight lifting, you can get good muscle when you train with a kettlebell. In this regard, kettlebell swings get you muscles due to the imbalanced type of training it provides. Kettlebell swings forces your body to fight off the tendency to fall to one side. The heavier kettlebell you use, the more forces of gravity your body has to fight hence your muscles work harder and you burn more calories.

When your muscles work hard they become strong and firm and become better fat burners. A body capable of burning a lot of fat paired with strong muscles will get you a strong and sexy body.


The kettlebell swing is an effective fat burner. Period. It makes your body strong, it burns a significant amount of fat, and gets you some decent muscle work. You can choose to focus purely on kettlebell swings but it works just as well, if not better, when paired with other conventional training methods such as barbell lifting.


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