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The Health Advantages of Switching to Coconut Water


In countries where it’s abundant, coconut water has been used as a refreshing thirst-quencher and health supplement.In fact, it was even used as intravenous rehydration fluid during World War II, when medical saline was unavailable to troops stationed in far-flung areas.

All Good, All Natural

It’s a clean and natural drink that contains no artificial preservatives, and does not require processing or extraneous additives in order to be made edible or palatable. This alone makes it the best choice if you’re trying to go organic or just cut unnecessary sugars and chemicals out of your diet.

Used post-workouts, it’s a hydrating beverage full of great natural electrolytes: minerals and mineral salts that aid in the regulation of muscle and nerve function, and high amounts of potassium – over 600mg of it. It also only contains 4.5% carbohydrates – compared to 6-8% carbohydrates present in standard sports drinks. Thus it quickly restores fluid volume in the blood and tissues that may be dehydrated due to excessive sweating after a strenuous workout.

Health Benefits Galore

The high potassium levels in coconut water can also help maintain or reduce a person’s blood pressure back to more manageable levels – it counteracts the effects of sodium on the body. There’s also arginine, a compound known improve blood circulation by relaxing the body’s blood vessels. Meanwhile, the natural electrolytes that can be found in the beverage such as potassium, calcium and magnesium can help maintain heart health and lower cholesterol levels.

Coconut water also contains tannins, which help reduce inflammation. This means that it’s an ideal drink to rehydrate someone suffering from an upset stomach, as it calms down the gastrointestinal system, while also delivering vitamins, minerals and sugars in a more easily absorbed form. It also contains lauric acid, which is converted by the body into monolaurin, a proven antimicrobial compound.

The soluble fibers in coconut water also aid in digestion and the regularizing of bowel movement, which then flushes out toxins that hinder optimum health and performance. It can also help you lose weight, or maintain your ideal weight, since as a natural substitute to regular water it is more filling and satiating – if you feel full, longer, then you won’t find yourself reaching for a snack that can be detrimental to your weight loss goals.

Cleansing for the Body

It is also a natural diuretic, beneficial in the prevention of kidney stones, helping your kidneys flush out excess water. One cup of coconut water is enough to keep your kidneys functioning at their best – the arginine present in coconut water increases blood circulation to your kidneys and all other organs.

Toxins and compounds present in certain foods and the environment can lead to a pH imbalance in the body. If your body pH levels become more acidic, you might experience a host of aches and health problems, such as joint pain, excessive buildup of mucus, heartburn, osteoporosis, and deficiencies in the immune system. Coconut water can help you prevent all of that since it basically returns your body’s pH levels to a more alkaline state. It can even help you prevent major diseases, like cancer, to have a well-balanced body pH level, or at least an alkalinic one.

In general, coconut water is a great health tonic and is used thusly in countries where it is readily available. Malnourished children, pregnant and lactating mothers who require additional nutrition, the elderly and convalescent who cannot convert sufficient nutrition from food all benefit from having coconut water. The vitamins and minerals alone stand for themselves, and it contains roughly 5 mg of natural sugars per glass, a better alternative to artificial sugar and helps your cells produce more energy, leading to you feeling more revitalized.


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