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Super-Effective Exercise for Weight Loss


So before we start discussing exercise, we need to get one thing clear -the most successful weightloss results come from good nutrition – and that’s a fact.  So unless you have a good diet plan that you are sticking to, it will be very difficult for you to get the results you want using exercise alone.

Once you have your eating plan in place, then you need to find a workout program that you like – that suits your lifestyle, schedule and personality. We all have different preferences and needs. This could involve resistance training with weights or bodyweight exercises, steady-state cardiovascular (CV or cardio) training or interval type training. Varying your routine with these different types of exercises is certainly a good policy – it keeps things interesting and your body having to adapt to the different physical movements.

The Cardio Question

Some people can find exercise boring, especially cardio type exercises such as running or jogging  – and that’s OK,  but physical exercise is important for our health and well-being, not to mention fat loss, so having this mix helps to keep you motivated and exercise seem more appealing. And as we’re talking about cardio here, it is also true to say that steady-state cardio training is in fact not necessary for weight loss –  yes, it’s true, so good news if you’re not a fan!

You could do resistance training instead along with some high-intensity interval sessions. Weight training is really more effective for fat loss anyway,  as it helps build muscle, which the body needs to constantly maintain, so increases your body’s metabolism and therefore continually helps to burns more calories.

Where Should I Train?

Where you do your training is also important. Again, it’s tailoring it to your personality and circumstances. The local gym is perhaps the most popular place most people would go for a workout, but it may not be for everyone ; Let’s face it – not all gyms are not created equal. Some gyms have a great vibe and atmosphere, but others can feel less comfortable with people getting in your way and music so bad that it shouldn’t even be allowed in public spaces…

Training at home is a good option for many, just some weight equipment such as a selection of dumbbells or kettlebells in an area of your house is more than enough for you to get a great workout. Do it this way and you save on time, fuel and money to and from the gym, and, you get the added bonus of being able to play whatever music you like!

The point is, it doesn’t matter where you train, as long as where you train allows you to feel comfortable enough to have great, motivated workouts, as good training is essential for permanent fat loss.

How Long Should I Train For?

It is also worth looking at the time you spend training. This really depends on a number of factors – the type of exercise you’re doing, your fitness levels and what it is you are trying to achieve exactly.

Certainly the old-school of thought of running for an hour on the treadmill (steady-state cardio) seems to have been replaced in favour of shorter, more intense workouts. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is increasingly being used to make short workouts more intense, and wasrated as the number one fitness trend for 2014 by American College of Sports Medicine fitness professionals.

They recommend an HIIT session to last for anywhere between 4 – 15 minutes, but capping training at 30 minutes for this type of training to prevent injury.

For weight or resistance training, a good, all body workout can be achieved in 45 minutes. Consulting a trainer or fitness professional will help tailor a fitness program that is right for you.

Less time in the gym while having a great workout can only be a good thing – it allows you to get on with whatever else you need to in the day.

But staying focused in the key – while working out and sticking with your diet plan, and by doing this consistently you cannot but succeed in your fat loss goals.

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