Strains and Smashups: 5 Ways to Prevent Injuries while Cycling

Since the introduction of the bicycle in the 19th century, people have been taking to the streets with their self-propelled vehicles. A great way to keep fit and healthy, it nevertheless comes with its own list of common injuries. Here are a few of the most experienced and what you can do to prevent them.

Car Accidents

According to the US Department of Transportation, in 2009 alone there were 51,000 cyclists that suffered injury due to a crash with a car. Apart from wearing a helmet, it’s important that you follow the rules of the road. Never ride against traffic and wear fluorescent gear. In the case of harm brought on by a reckless driver, it’s possible to seek out bicycle injury lawsuits from firms like Sackstein, Sackstein & Lee, LLP to demand payment for your injuries and time spent recovering.

Foot Numbness

If you start to lose feeling in your feet, don’t worry. All this means is that your shoes don’t fit properly. Fixing this is as easy as going in for fitted shoes. The cleats shouldn’t be too forward and it should never feel like your feet are being squeezed.

Muscle Strain

Cycling is a physical activity leading to strain on the muscles. Though this isn’t too uncommon, it could seriously affect your hamstrings and calves should you try and pedal through any muscle tightness. To prevent this, warm up before leaving. This loosens the muscles and readies them for work. After a ride, be sure to cool them down with a stretch to maintain flexibility.

Saddle Sores

If you ride for extended periods of time, chances are high you will run into what’s known as saddle sores. This nasty rash is caused by the friction between the seat, your clothes, and your skin. To lessen the chances of this happening on an extended trek, make sure your saddle is low and you’re wearing good cycling shorts.

Heat Stroke

Summer is the perfect time for biking and for heat stroke. Dehydration can lead to you passing out in the middle of your ride. Luckily, this is avoidable by drinking enough water and resting regularly. Also, wear clothes designed to absorb your sweat, like cotton.

When done properly, biking is a healthy and fun activity that gets you where you need to be cheaper than by car. Like any physical activity, though, make sure you practice proper technique so you can keep biking will into your twilight years.

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