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Stay healthy everyday or how marijuana influences modern medical treatment


People’s perceptions of marijuana have altered severely over the years, and nowadays it is viewed as pretty much everything from a fowl drug to a miraculous life saving medical solution. There is quite a discrepancy between these lines, so those believing one side might be having trouble understanding how the other side came to these conclusions. Either way, we are here to shed some light on how marijuana influences modern medical treatments. Everyone knows what this plant is supposed to accomplish once consumed in one form or the other, but there are still very few people that understand its medicinal role. With that in mind, prepare to change your views about weed and to learn some very intriguing things about how it’s used in medicine.

What is medicinal marijuana good for?

When it comes to its actual uses, there are many different diseases or conditions that benefit from the use of marijuana. Cancer is one of the more frequent conditions that benefit tremendously from marijuana because it helps a lot with pain and diminishing the painful and terrible effects of this disease on the human body. There are many others however, ranging from the likes of glaucoma all the way to thyroid concerns. As your thyroid pharmacist might tell you, becoming a kushly regular might be a habit with great returns in your fight against the disease you’re fighting.

The bridge towards escaping addictions

This is something that most people don’t think about but marijuana is an excellent bridge between an addict’s poison and the road to recovery. It’s never easy having to give up something all at once, no matter what that “something” is, and especially if the person in question is addicted to it. However, by taking smaller steps people are able to completely remove addictions from their lifestyle. For instance, those addicted to hardcore drugs, cigarettes or even alcohol can have a much easier time fighting their addiction by replacing said detrimental substance with marijuana, which is safe to use. This provides not just an excellent opportunity to escape addiction but also one to start new healthy life habits in the form of consuming kushly cannabis.

Isn’t it dangerous?

Ok, so it has beneficial effects on the human body as far as combating diseases, but aren’t there side effects to consuming marijuana? This is the kind of question that most people want to know the answer to. Believe it or not, marijuana has been recognized as an amazingly safe substance to consume. This means that you are in ho harm whatsoever when it comes to consuming this substance. This is great because it turns it into a medical solution that you don’t have to worry about coming back to bite you later, like is the case with so many pharmacy drugs, over the counter or prescription equally.

The “magic” behind curing diseases with weed

For those that hear about this for the first time, it might all sound a little bit, well, unbelievable, especially if you had misconceptions about this substance beforehand. Knowing a little more about the scientific reasoning behind it all. Let’s take a closer look at how Marijuana is able to be of tremendous help in the fight against cancer, thyroid illness and a slew of other unfortunate conditions.

Those that try their hardest to convince people that marijuana is dangerous or damaging to the body probably don’t know that the human body actually contains cannabinoids, compounds found in, yes, you guessed it, marijuana itself. The cannabis plant provides a significant dose of cannabinoids which, once in contact with the ones in the body, provide the consumer of cannabis a pain relieving sensation. Actually it’s more of a state of relaxation but since we’re talking about marijuana in medicine, it’s more appropriate to refer to it as pain relief because that’s one of its biggest roles in medical treatments.

It’s not its only role, but it’s definitely one of its most important since most of the things it is used for involve quite a lot of physical pain. Pain is not the only sensation that the human body experiences when battling cancer or other such terrible ailments. For example, nausea is a very consistent part of the struggle and those affected by the disease often times have to deal with nausea. Smoking weed has been proven to help with this tremendously, making it a lot easier to go through the day. Cancer patients will surely agree that nausea is definitely an awful thing to have to deal with constantly.

Playing a hand in eliminating eating disorders

Hard impacting diseases often times also trigger eating disorders which can lead to even more complications. However, with the help of weed, patients are able to stabilize their eating habits and get back their appetite. What this means is that marijuana offers a lot of options and solutions for coping with a disease. Thanks to the fact that it brings about such a potent hunger after consumption is just what people need when they just don’t feel like eating or bothering with food.

 Help beyond pain

We’ve already discussed how beneficial marijuana can be when it comes to alleviating pain, but that’s not the only thing it’s good for. It has many effects on the body, which means that it provides help on many different fronts. It’s not just a temporary solution or a coping option however. It also has the power of helping patients cure themselves of the diseases they suffer from. If you’re interested in how that works, we’re going to take a closer look and see.

It might be hard to believe that weed is really some kind of “one size fits all” treatment solution for everyone that suffers from something. While that’s not exactly the case, there are indeed many different ailments that can be straight up treated with the help of marijuana. It’s not only a very potent tool for curing diseases now, but also something that can be studied and expanded on in the future so that more medical treatments and cures can emerge. The list of known ailments that modern science can successfully work on curing with the help of marijuana is pretty long. On this list, we have cancer and thyroid problems but also hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s and even epilepsy and glaucoma. With such a wide variation of problems that can be treated with marijuana, it’s questionable why more research hasn’t been developed already towards exploiting this substance.

It has begun

While there aren’t nearly enough studies at the moment regarding marijuana and its uses in a modern medical environment, there seem to be more and more studies prepared which means that medical experts and professionals are becoming more likely to start investing time and resources into unlocking the full potential of marijuana. This can only benefit both patients of various ailments but also medicine in general, as these solutions will impact and help all future patients and cases.

Insulin management and losing weight with weed

Another beneficial effect of marijuana in a medicinal context is the fact that it helps with the regulation of insulin within the body. This ultimately leads to losing those extra pounds (sometimes a lot of extra pounds) that can surface in the aftermath of a disease settling in. Patients already have their plate full when they find out that they suffer from one of these diseases, the last thing they need is to also gain a lot of weight in the process. Luckily, marijuana has this great effect of allowing the consumer to maintain their wait or at the very least find some balance and not completely destabilize. Insulin level is a big deal and having something that can so easily help to prevent it from negatively impacting your body at a whole other scale shouldn’t be overlooked.

This is just scratching the surface

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about marijuana and how it can be used for a lot of good, you should also know that the benefits presented so far are just scratching the surface. In reality, there are a lot more things that this plant helps out with. For instance, depression and various forms of anxiety are among the most impactful side effects of cancer, thyroid problems, or any other of the aforementioned diseases. It can be a crippling effect that hinders the healing process terribly, not to mention driving patients towards sabotaging their own recovery. It’s not something anyone would want to have to deal with, but unfortunately there are many that have to.

Whether anxiety or depression surface as a direct consequence of the disease or are just an understandable side effect given the position that the patient is in, marijuana can help relieve that anxiety and fend off depression. Before there were any revolutionary discoveries about its importance in medical treatments, marijuana was already famous for making people feel good. It’s been known for its ability to calm people down and put them in a state of relaxation. It therefore becomes a very powerful tool against depression and anxiety, making it a lot easier to cope with them as they begin to sneak up on you. By releasing built in stress and taking the edge off before they blow their cap, patients are able to remain on the right course on their road to healing.

The many forms of marijuana

Marijuana can be found in many different forms, and can be consumed in just as many. Gone are the times when people would just smoke it. Now, they have the option to smoke it, put it into food as an ingredient, eat it outside cooked food and even drink it as a tea. With so many options available, those that are interested in trying it for the first time or to start using it as treatment for their illness have the perk of being able to choose the means of consumption most suitable to them. Not everyone might be OK with the thought of having to learn how to smoke in order to be able to consume marijuana. Some might prefer it in the form of a tea, or even baked in one of their favorite types of snacks. It’s the variety and availability of options that make this not yet fully tapped medical marvel so dynamic.

Keeping your mind sharp

Battling a disease is not just a physical battle but also one of the mind. What this means is that often times patients dealing with hard diseases will lose their creativity or mental focus, resulting in the incapability of operating at full mental capacity. This can be quite frustrating and even infuriating, especially for someone that made tremendous use of their creativity beforehand, or even work in a field that requires creative presence 24/7. This often time leads into one of the already discussed issues, such as developing a form of depression or anxiety which can then lead to even worse things.  Once again,  marijuana is the answer. Consumption of the substance has been recognized as having a great impact on a person’s creative side, allowing them to make proper use of their creative qualities.

If you’re already dealing with a disease, knowing that you can at least continue to fulfill your job obligations or creativity-related duties is a very soothing thing. It’s definitely something that pushes you onward and gives you strength to keep fighting.

Not a miracle worker

After reading this entire article you might think that marijuana is actually some form of miracle substance which will immediately take care of all your problems. Unfortunately that’s not the case, but that doesn’t mean its aforementioned qualities and properties aren’t game-changing. With the help of more research and passionate field professionals., its impact on modern treatment would be able to grow substantially.


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