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Spinal Care: 4 Tips to Avoid Common Back Injuries


A back injury can drastically affect your ability to live your normal life and perform your job. It is key to safeguard against spinal trauma before it occurs. Once you injure your spinal muscles and ligaments, you will need professional medical help to counteract the pain. However, using these four tips and tricks will help reduce the risk of back injury.

Daily Stretching Routine

The muscles in your back suffer from a lot of strain. They carry a heavy load every day. Even worse, many people lead a sedentary lifestyle sitting at a desk or in a car. Prolonged periods of inactivity may cause your muscles to stiffen or even atrophy. Even if you don’t regularly exercise, it is important to spend time on a stretching routine every day. With a few simple stretches, you can keep your back limber and reduce chance of muscle strain.

Avoid Risky Activities

You may need to change your habits to prevent back injuries. Many traumatic back injuries occur from motor vehicle accidents. While accidents can’t always be prevented, it is important to drive cautiously to decrease your chance of being involved in a collision. You should also avoid driving vehicles like ATVs, which are prone to tipping and crashing.

Make sure to bypass wet and slippery areas that could lead to a dangerous fall. Ideally, you should wear sturdy walking shoes that can be laced. Slip-on shoes and flip-flops can increase your chance of falling and injuring your spine. However, when serious injury does occur, reach out to Fulk Chiropractic or another chiropractor in your area.

Proper Lifting

Improper lifting is one of the most common causes of back injury. Before you grab that heavy box, take a step back and consider if you can transport it with a dolly or hand truck. If you don’t have a handcart and your load is not too heavy, you can pick it up by using the proper lifting technique. Squat directly behind the load, bending your knees then pick up the item, making sure to keep your body straight while lifting. A large number of back injuries occur when individuals twist their spine while improperly lifting a heavy load.

Sitting Posture

The average employee spends almost six hours each day sitting at their desk. However, this often leads to increased pressure on the back over time. Workers may experience back pain from hunching over their desks and peering at their screen. When at your desk, you should sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor and your abdominal muscles engaged. It is important to get out of your chair at least once an hour and perform stretches throughout the day.

There are many habits and hobbies that can increase your risks for gradual or traumatic back injury. By cutting them out of your daily routine and replacing them with positive habits, you can decrease your risk of injury and ensure your spinal health.


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