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Skin Tips for Women Who Work Out


Exercise is good for you, everybody knows this. When you work out, you tighten your body and calm your mind at the same time. One of the best feelings in the world is that post-workout zen you experience after a demanding session in the gym. However, not many of women are aware of the fact that working out can help your skin look good too. Your heart rate speeds up and your blood flow increases, resulting in your skin glow and looking amazing. We offer you a few tips on how to take good care of your skin before, during and after work outs in order to keep it healthy and smooth.

Reduce excessive redness

This is one of those things no one is immune to – we all pretty much flush in face when we are working out really hard. For those women who suffer from skin conditions such as rosacea or extremely sensitive skin, the matter is even worse. Our advice is to try to keep as cool as possible while working out; the more hot you get the worse the redness of your skin will be. Keep the temperature of your body as low as you can by applying cooling spray or sucking ice chips too. This will help you cool down faster and the redness will pass sooner.

Beat magnesium deficiency

Magnesium is incredibly helpful when it comes to muscle recovery from soreness after workout. Unfortunately, many people are magnesium deficient which can prolong the period of time necessary for recovery after gym. There are gels and essential oils which you can apply to your body before and after workout to prepare and revive your skin and muscles. You can also read derma nova pro reviews, which is also very effective and recommended skin care product.

Prevent acne breakouts

If you have problem with acne, the matter could get worse if you are not careful with your workout. Sweat mixed with your natural oils can clog your pores and cause ace breakouts on your face, back and bottom. In case you cannot take a post-workout shower in your gym, make sure you wipe the breakout problem areas with cleaning towels. Choose an acne treatment which you will stick to and always carry your wipes and/or scrubs with salicylic acid. Also, chose clothes with Lycra and nylon which won’t trap sweat.

When you cannot shower

Showering after workout is one of the most important things to do. In case you cannot take a shower right afterwards, you should do something before you get home. Sweat and your natural oils that are now all over you will not do good for your skin and should be removed as soon as possible. Make sure you always carry swipes for your face and your body, wipe your face, neck and back with them before you change your clothes. There are even jumbo sized swipes on the market, which are perfect for your entire body. That will keep you going until you get home and hit the shower.

As you can see, working out is good for your body, mind and skin. Nevertheless, you should be careful and take care of your skin after every practice. While you are getting fit, so does your skin.


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