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Skin Issues: How to Cover up Blemishes


What we all deal with

Are you having skin issues? Have you woken up with irritating pimple on your forehead or did you get late (or didn’t gone at all) on a date with your boyfriend because you didn’t know how to cover up a hangover from last night’s? Do you catch yourself covering blemishes and fighting with skin imperfections every day? Here are a few tips which can help you get clearer skin once and for all, quickly, efficiently and with less hassle.

Hide those tired eyes

When it comes to eyes, there are methods that do miracles and make puffiness disappear in no time. First, you have to hydrate the area and set everything up for eyes gel or eye mask. The secret of its efficiency is to keep it in a fridge. If it’s cold it will reduce the puffiness instantly and you will put your makeup on easily. We recommend you to use lighter colours, more natural and softer in order to level shades of dark circles. Finally, you can emphasise your eyes by making a triangle shape with darker eyeliner.

Dry skin issue

Skin dehydration is a very common problem, and usually makes makeup hard to apply. Even if you purchase the finest makeup, the results won’t be as good if your skin isn’t hydrated properly. Get rid of that old, dead skin by using peeling. Look for scrubs aimed at dry skin, or use an exfoliating glove. When you allow your skin to “breathe”, nourish it with moisturizers. You can always hydrate your skin by hydrating your whole organism. Drinking 2 or 3 litres of water per day should solve the most of your problems and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables may help too. You can also read derma nova pro reviews, which is also very effective and recommended skin care product.

Get rid of acnes and scars

Even when you’re trying to keep your skin clean, there are cases when you are simply powerless to prevent acne. Remember to wash your face with water and then with acne-fighting face wash, use clean towel to gently pat your face and apply some antibacterial product. When putting on make-up, use a thin layer of make-up base, and then a slightly thicker layer of liquid foundation, cover with high quality loose powder and you’re ready to go. Scars are often difficult to conceal as well, no matter how good your makeup is. You can always look for a permanent solution and let experts take care of that what you alone cannot. A facelift treatment can make all those problems history, and you will not have to use so much makeup.

Anything’s possible

Be aware of the fact that nobody’ perfect and don’t despair if your skin doesn’t look like an advertisement for body milk. There’s almost nothing that good makeup can’t cover. However, if you are tired of hiding underneath many layers of foundation, remember that plastic surgery is an effective way of fighting skin imperfections. A good result means much more than clean skin – it can give you confidence.


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