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Six Of The Most Effective Ways To Overcome Injury And Get Active Again


Sustaining any injury will often put quite a bit of doubt in an individual’s mind. Many are unsure of exactly what will cause further injuries and what their options are for speeding up the rehabilitation process. With some patience, perseverance, and these six tips in mind, you can be back to the gym, field, track or trail quicker than ever.

1. Take Personal Control of Your Recovery

You will always want to take the advice of the medical professionals around you, but remember that you are personally responsible for your own recovery. Tell your primary healthcare provider or rehab specialist what you would like to accomplish and how you would like to accomplish it, and then see how that fits into their own plans.

2. Be Smart About Pain Management

Pain is actually a good thing following an injury. This discomfort means that your body still has the ability to warn you that it is damaged and must continue to heal. Manage your pain with as few chemical painkillers as possible and never go above the recommended dosage on any OTC or prescription medication, as it can cause irreversible kidney and liver damage.

3. Create a Recovery Timeline

Some individuals will attempt to jump right back into physical activity while others will find themselves unmotivated to do much at all. Avoid both of these scenarios by drafting a recovery time line with your primary healthcare provider. This should include when and how you will begin training and the schedule for any treatments you may have.

4. Massages and Joint Adjustments

Just because an injury seems to be isolated to a single area does not mean that it is not affecting your entire body. You should begin to think of your body as a single machine that must treated in order for true healing to take place. One of the best ways to do this is to schedule regular appointments with a chiropractor for targeted massages and joint adjustments to reduce swelling and improve flexibility.

5. Don’t Take Chances With Serious Injuries

Everyone should understand when an injury is too serious to leave up to chance. Basic steps such ice, heat, and rest will be perfectly fine for most injuries, but tears breaks and dislocations will require professional help. If the pain is serious or the discomfort lasts for multiple days, then contact a medical specialist immediately.

6. Have Someone to Talk To

A lingering or serious injury can result in some major frustrations, and many people do not realize just how much of a mental toll that a physical injury can have on them. You should take the time to talk about your injury with family, friends, teammates, or gym buddies that can lend you a sympathetic ear or give you a laugh.


Injuries are an inevitable part of living an active lifestyle, but this does not mean that you must deal with months or even years of recovery, discomfort, atrophied muscles and frustration. Following these tips will help you to recover quickly and get moving again.

Informational credit to Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic.

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