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Simple But Powerful Back Exercises to Ease Stiffness and Lower Back Pain


The busy working schedule, long distances to travel and changing lifestyle of people is now becoming a major reason people facing a lot of health problems and need to visit the physician now and then. Among all the other health issues that have been disturbing one’s daily lifestyle, back pain is the most common problem that people are dealing with. Long hours of sitting and traveling have been the most common reasons that have resulted in such problems.

If your work requires you to sit in one place for long hours, you need to be careful and give the back enough rest in order to prevent the severe back ache that you may suffer with in the near future. We all know that Precaution is better than cure. Therefore, a few steps taken to prevent back ache will reduce the chances of dealing with it. Getting up from the chair and taking a small walk at regular intervals will prevent you from suffering with back ache. But, what if you are already suffering with it?

We all have seen various exercises that are good to relieve your body from pain. A few are used to speed up the process of muscle repair and recovery, while a few others are simply performed to maintain the health and fitness of the overall body. There are a few exercises that will help one to deal with back pain too. These are simple exercises that can be performed anywhere and do not need a lot of time.

1. The Cobra Stretch:

This is a simple exercise where you will need a little space where you can lie down on the ground. Since it does not require any equipment, it is one of the most convenient exercises that one can perform to ease the back. You simply need to lie down on the ground with your face touching the ground. Keep your palms on the ground; shoulder width apart. Now, slowly lift your upper body as high as you can, with your head help up high. You will feel a strain on your lower back. Stay in this position for a few seconds. It will help stretch your back and ease the pain.

2. The Use of Inversion table:

Back from work? Was the day quite tiring? You are searching for the best exercise that will help you ease your back pain. You simply buy an inversion table that takes the help of the gravitational force to stretch your back. You will have to lie on the table while it tilts causing a little strain on your back. It is the simplest method to ease the pain if you are ready to invest a little money.

3. The Lower Back Stretch:

Lay down on your back with your legs placed straight and your hands by your side. Now slowly bend your knees and lift them up towards your chest. You can use your hands to pull your knees up. It is fine if the lower back gets lifted a bit. Hold this position for a while; say about 15 to 30 seconds, and return back to the original position.

4. Dead Lifts:

Deadlifts, as we all have heard are wonderful exercises that one can take up in order to strengthen the lower back along with few other muscle groups. But, care needs to be taken if you are already suffering with a lower back pain. You need to take lighter weights so that you do not cause any further damage to your back. One thing you need to be extra careful about, is that you have to maintain a straight back while you are performing the Deadlifts.

5. Static Leg Raise:

This is another exercise that does not need a lot of time or space to be performed. You simply need to lay on your back pull a chair close to your hips and place your legs on it. You need to bend your knee in such a way that your calf is kept parallel to the ground. You can lie down in this position until you feel completely relaxed. It is an amazing exercise that will help you deal with your back pain with ease.

6. The Pelvic Thrust:

This is another exercise that helps in stretching the muscles of the back. Lay on your back with your hands be your side. Pull your feet closer to your body and place them close to the hamstring. Now, gradually lift your body until it forms a tilt from your knees up till the shoulders. You need to push your pelvis upwards. This entire portion should be in a straight line. Stay in this position for a few seconds and lower your pelvis slowly.

All of the above mentioned exercises along with a few more will help in easing the back pain that you might be experiencing every day. You need not take up all these exercises together and perform none of them in the proper manner. Instead, pick just about 3 of them that can be comfortably performed. Make sure you concentrate on every technique and detail of the exercise. Even the slightest mistake can increase the problem furthermore.



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