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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Even Minor Foot Discomfort When Exercising


That little twinge of pain in your heel, ball of your foot or arch can seem like a silly thing to complain about, but it could be a sign of a more serious condition. If you are experiencing even minor foot pain or discomfort while exercising, you should listen to your body and take necessary precautions to avoid further injury.

Reason 1: Metatarsalgia

People that exercise often, especially if it includes jumping, may develop this condition which is caused by inflammation in the ball of the foot that can lead to pain. This can also be caused by shoes that are too tight or just do not fit properly. Continued pressure on the affected foot will worsen the inflammation.

Reason 2: Morton’s neuroma

A sharp burning pain in the ball of your foot right around your third and fourth toes may be a sign of Morton’s neuroma. A stinging feeling or the sensation that you are standing on a little rock characterize this painful affliction. This is a nerve issue that should be treated right away.

Reason 3: Sesamoiditis

Pain that is centered near the big toe that gets worse when you flex and bend the toe may be caused by this condition. You may also experience pain and swelling on the ball of your foot. This is often caused by repetitive actions like walking or other impactful movement.

Reason 4: Stress Fracture

This is an injury typically found in runners or other athletes participating in repetitive action. It may also result from a single blow or impact to the foot. It results in pain from the tiny breakdown of one or more bones of the foot. Continued pressure will intensify pain and prevent healing.

Reason 5: Sprain

When ligaments that connect bones are stressed and stretched, the tissue can be pulled too far. This results in a sprain or strain. The pain you feel results from the loose ligaments in the joints. Rest and cold compress may relieve some of the pain.

Reason 6: Ill-fitting footwear

Podiatrist often find that poor fitting shoes contributes to a substantial amount of foot pain issues. Active people should be professionally fitted for their shoes to make sure that they are supporting their needs.

Foot pain can be a frustrating problem. To get back to enjoying an active lifestyle, consider seeing a specialist if any of these conditions apply to you. Ignoring the problem will most likely make it worse and continued pressure may even aggravate the issue further. Informational credit to The Foot Clinic.

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