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Should You Use Steroids In Fitness Training?


Before you choose to buy anabolic steroids you’ve got an awful lot of thinking to do in regards to whether or not you’re ready.

There are many factors to consider before taking the leap, and many of them are going to relate to your personal situation and how well suited you are to integrating these compounds into your daily structure.

It’s safe to say that the first and potentially most obvious point to bring up is – how old are you?

We’re not talking so much about your physical age by the way (though that matters – you should be 18 or over at the very least); we mean your training age. How long have you been training for?
Many people are under the misconception that taking dianabol or using other oral pills is going to be a “miracle” solution to their lack of progress – in actual fact, the lack of progress is no doubt due to poor nutritional practice and lackluster training sessions.

If you think that steroids can override these elements then you’re going to be immensely disappointed when you take them and don’t experience the kind of results you’re looking for.

You’re going to have to work just as hard as you do when training naturally if you want to optimize your results – there are absolutely zero shortcuts to achieving the body you want, and taking “gear” cannot override this.

All an anabolic steroid actually does is provide you the ability to further enhance the foundations that hard work has already created.

Once you’ve got your head around that – ask yourself this; have you been training and eating to an optimum level for a period of at least five years prior to taking external anabolic agents?

If the answer is no, then it’d be tempting to tell you to simply “go home” at this point. Of course, you might choose to ignore that – in which case you’ll need to know why this line of thought would warrant such a response.

If you haven’t been training “properly” in a natural capacity for at least this five-year time frame; you’re simply nowhere near maximizing your natural capacity yet.

In fact, depending on when you started training – you might even need 10 years of solid work under your belt before you can viably turn around and say “I’m done. This is as far as I can go.”

If you haven’t achieved the maximum upper case limit of your natural potential, then it’s probably because you haven’t had the discipline (or access to the knowledge) to allow you to do that thus far.

If you know deep down that this is the case, and you’re simply looking to take steroids as a solution to your lack of progress – go and thoroughly research your training and nutrition methods, and take a few more years to hone your physique.

You’re going to need the utmost level of patience and discipline when you go “on” cycle for the first time, so you should thoroughly embed these elements into your psyche and put them into practice way, way before steroids are ever considered.

Another important point to consider is that, depending on your situation – taking anabolic agents might be suicide for your career.

If you’re a high-level sports performer, then the risk of you getting caught with them is going to be much higher than it would for a bodybuilder.

Within the bodybuilding world, it’s a little known fact that any show not deemed to be overtly “tested” and therefore containing natural competitors only is actually an untested competition.

What does this mean? Anything goes.

This might shock you, but Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t win Olympia several times over by eating chicken and rice alone – in fact, none of the top-level pros ever have.

On the other hand, there is no athletic competition on earth where this distinction between the two “worlds” is ever made – that’s because it’s simply accepted that steroids are completely out of the question within this setting.

Bodybuilders actually need to take the stuff (you could say that the scene demands it)– whereas if you’re a sports performer and you get caught with it in your possession, or you test positive; kiss goodbye to your career.

If you’ve got the kind of money to be able to pay testers untold amounts to hide your screening results – you can probably get away with it. Most people aren’t in that position though, so consider wisely what capacity you play sports in, and if it’s a professional setting – it’s probably not worth the risk.

You have a lot to consider before purchasing anabolic products – thoroughly digest the above statements and decide for yourself whether or not you’re ready.


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