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Science and Self-control: a Perfect Combination


There is no question about it: when it comes to diet and fitness we are far more switched on than our parents ever were. Clever cocktails of sports science and diet breakdowns mean that we are so much better informed than any previous generation has ever been. We are the best!

If you look at the way elite athletes look after themselves today compared with what they used to do back in the day there really is no contest. All those clichéd questions about whether Fred Perry could have lived with Novak Djokovic on Wimbledon’s famous lawns aren’t even worth asking. He might have been able to teach him how to mix a mojito, but that’s about all! In all other respects Djokovic would be – as he so often is amongst his contemporaries – the red hot favourite.

So with all the nutritional and technical information in the world at our finger tips all we need for the perfect mix is the small matter of a measure of self-discipline and drop of long-lasting motivation.

The only question then will be how much you want it.




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