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Rhinoplasty in focus: Everything you should know before reshaping your nose


Reasons people decide to undergo a nose job (rhinoplasty) are many and they can be medical, cosmetic or both. People sometimes have trouble breathing due to septum deviation or an injury, or they simply want to change the way their nose looks. Regardless f the reasons behind the surgery, being well informed is the key to better understanding of one’s situation.

How the procedure looks

When you undergo rhinoplasty, your nose shape will be changed; meaning that it will be smaller, the tip will look different, you will not have bumps, etc. The surgeon will need to access the cartilage and the bones inside the nose, and they will make small incisions to do that. These incisions will not be visible after the surgery since they are made inside the nose. After the surgery, you will have to wear a splint which will support the new shape of your nose.

After the procedure

After approximately a week, your bandages and splint will be removed. Your face will be very sensitive, bruised and swollen for several days, but it will change as you heal. Cold compresses are really helpful with the swelling and the pain, and your doctor could also give you pain medicine. For about two weeks you will have to keep your head still, sleep on your back and use an additional pillow in order to keep your head elevated, but after that you will notice that swelling and bruising are almost completely gone. However, you should see with your doctor when it is going to be safe to start working our again.

What people usually want

Sometimes people want rhinoplasty because of medical reasons: they have difficulty breathing, they have had an injury or a birth defect, or they have some other complicated nasal problems. Often, these procedures are combined with cosmetic surgery, so while allowing their patients to breathe freely,surgeon can change the size and shape of the nose. People also often ask for the tip of the nose to be reshaped as well as the shape of the bridge. Patient’s nose can easily be made more symmetrical and an angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip can be changed too.

If you are thinking of rhinoplasty

If you want a nose job, you should first make an appointment. There are many rhinoplasty experts in Sydney such as dr Eddy Donawho can do the surgery and meet your requests. You have to keep in mind that doctors are not magicians, and that they have limitations too. However, with surgery your natural beauty can be emphasized. Before the surgery takes place, you should lose some of the bad habits; smoking is dangerous and you should not smoke at least two weeks before the surgery.

No matter if you are merely thinking about rhinoplasty or your have been planning it for a very long time, it is always useful to be well informed. Be open and honest with your doctor and follow their advice before and after surgery for the best results.


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