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Retaining the Right Gloss For Your Tresses


A woman remarked, “People say I always move around with greasy hair.” She is wondering whether this condition is due to her eating habits or something else.

Very likely, oily hair could be due to genetic disposition.

Overactive oily glands manifest as oily hair. This condition can be due to many reasons including genetics. Other likely reasons are:

  • Climate: In tropical and humid climates, high levels of dampness can make the hair look oily.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormones control sebum production. Oily secretion of the sebaceous glands can spike during puberty.
  • Excessive washing: It is a misconception that you must wash more, if you have oily skin or hair. Over-washing enhances activity of sebaceous glands and generates more oil. It is prudent to wash hair in moderation or just once a day max.
  • Diseases and conditions: Certain conditions affect pituitary or adrenal glands and tend to enhance sebum production and make the hair oily.
  • Excessive brushing of hair: Moderate brushing in necessary, as it helps improve hair health. However, excessive brushing or combing picks up sebum oil from the scalp and distributes it all the way through the strands of hair on the head.

With all these causes in place, are there any remedies for oily hair?

Oily hair is nuisance to women, because it greatly diminishes their looks. All women want luxurious, lively, and shiny hair. Fortunately, advice on managing oily hair is available.

One good way for oily hair prevention could be to use the right shampoo. After lathering up, leave the shampoo on the hair for some time before rinsing.

A dermatologist specializing in natural cures recommends home remedies for oily hair. Rinsing with strong rosemary tea, lemon juice, or vinegar is advisable.

 Go slow on use of conditioners

Hair conditioners are marketed powerfully with slogans that these products give healthy looking hair.

However, what is the truth?

The truth is you must do research before use. Many brands tout the benefits far beyond what really accrues. Most products coat hair in special conditioning chemicals that temporarily make the hair look shiny, but with bad effects in the long run.

One hair expert says, “The best way to improve hair health is via the blood stream. By nourishing the hair with adequate levels of natural amino acids for sufficient duration, it has a good chance to look shinier and healthier.”

Some doctors say sodium lauryl sulphate and Dioxane, ingredients in cheap conditioners, have the potential to harm hair.

While shampooing is among the best remedies for oily hair, picking the right conditioner is of paramount importance. Unmanageable, oily hair requires use of the best conditioner in the market.

Good ones are those that are specially formulated to ensure there are no traces of greasiness left on the hair after application.

 Use natural products

It makes good sense to use natural products. In spite of best assurances provided by manufacturers, chemicals in conditioners are bound to cause harm some way or other.

Dermatologist and beauticians recommend the following:

  • A blend of herbs and vitamins makes for the most effective cleansing shampoo to remove dirt and oil.
  • By proper regulation of above, hair and scalp’s oil content is kept optimum.

Women having oily hair must avoid using conditioners at the root, because this part of the hair is already moisturized by natural oils or grease. Some people never use conditioners or use it sparingly to prevent over-moisturizing.

Use of clarifying shampoo at least once a month can help. Such type of shampoos removes excess grease without drying hair.

Finally, do some research, listen to you own body to find the right solution for oily hair. Remedies for oily hair are definitely within reach.


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