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Quit Smoking in more Ways than One


Smoking is a habit that kills. It is extremely injurious to health and once in the habit is extremely difficult to quit. Smoking causes various types of fatal illnesses like, respiratory problems, heart related issues, infertility, and the worst of the lot, cancer. All of us are aware of the ill effects of smoking but we still refuse to pay heed to the fact that it is life threatening. Few researches even go to say that every cigarette puff takes away two minutes of your life.

However, if you really want to make an effort to try and stop smoking, here are a few tips, which should help:

  • Make a plan and select a date on the calendar on which you will quit. You may also take the aid of antidepressants to assist you and help you give up the habit. If you are using this method, then doctors will ask you to start taking the medication at least two weeks before you quit.
  • Make sure you let people you interact with on a daily basis know that you are quitting the habit. This will give them prior warning and help them adjust to your behaviour after you quit.
  • You can also join a support group. You may also ask a few friends who smoke to quit along with you. This will enable you to quit faster as you will see others attempting as well.
  • On the day that you decide to quit make sure you have nothing related to cigarettes around you, Throw away ashtrays, left over cigarettes and lighters.
  • After you quit try and engage yourself in various hobbies, play a sport or even go to a non-smoking restaurant. You will crave cigarettes in the first few days but if your mind is diverted, you will cope better.
  • Celebrate giving up this habit. After two weeks or a month after you quit give yourself a treat and promise that you will never touch a cigarette again. Spend the money you used to buy cigarettes on something more useful.
  • After you quit, you may put on some weight but do not focus on that. The weight can be shed anytime. Focus on quitting first and then other issues.



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