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Problem Related with Improper Posture


In order to find out whether one has problems related to improper postures the patients have to take posture assessment test. This test helps the professionals in identifying the severe to minor factors which might be affecting the health and productivity of the individuals in an adverse manner. There are various signs and symptoms of improper postures.

Most of the people in the current times who work professionally now have to sit in front of the monitors for long hours. These individuals develop habit of slouching or pushing their bodies further. As a result the alignment of their bones, tissues and muscles is affected and it results in problems related to sore muscles, ineffective digestive and circulatory problems and much more. Some of the most common problems related with improper posture include;

  1. Hunching


The individuals who want to figure out whether they hunch or not are often advised to capture their images standing sideways. This will help them in observing how much or if at all they hunch. In the cases where the upper back is curved more than forty to forty-five degrees, as evident by the captured image will require taking the corrective measures to improvise the condition. This is more noticeable in individuals who spend more time in front of computers at work or are not aware of the proper sitting postures. As a result the muscles of the chest tighten. To remedy this, stretching is advised at regular intervals during office timing.

  1. Rounded Shoulders

Rounded Shoulders

To identify this problem the individual is asked to take a pencil test, which helps in diagnosing whether or not a person is showing signs of rounded shoulders. This problem is usually the result of sitting with improper postures. Most individuals who work at offices suffer from this since they do not sit properly when typing. Sometimes even those individuals who do not follow the right instructions when performing the chest exercises suffer from rounded shoulders as well. The solution to this problem lies with performing activities and exercises that will help in relieving the tightness of the chest. A massage ball can also prove to be helpful in this regard.

  1. Head pushed forward

Head pushed forward

This posture too can be identified using images. The sideways images are captured to figure out if the AC joints of the body and the ear lobe lie in the same line. If the ear lobe is in front of this joint it means the individual needs to correct the posture. This problem results when the various muscles of the neck become tight. To loosen and relax the tightness of the neck muscles a massage is ideal. This will help the individuals in sliding their heads back without tilting it upwards.


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