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Phone Fitness: 5 Fun Ways Your Phone Can Help You Work Out


Everyone knows they need to exercise more. The key is to make exercise fun and simply get into the habit of doing it. That’s where your phone comes in; smartphones in particular offer more fun options to get in shape than ever before. Whether you’re on prepaid mobile data or a data plan, or have a smartphone or a basic phone, there are ways to plan and monitor your workout. Here are some of the best:

1. Calorie Counting Apps

No matter how good your workout is, you can spoil the benefits with a poor diet. That’s why complementing a fitness app with a dietary monitoring app of some kind is a very good idea. A good example is the Lifesum health app, which not only helps you keep track of what you’ve eaten but offers suggestions for foods to eat and also takes into account dietary needs as well.

2. Daily Workout Alarm Reminders

Mobile phones come pre-installed with some kind of alarm or calendar feature, making it much easier for you to set aside time out of your day for a workout. Simply pick some time daily or weekly when you wish to work out and set a reminder. You can also use an alarm to determine the duration of your workout. It may sound simple, but getting on a familiar schedule will tune your body to prepare for exercise so that you’ll be able to make your workout into a routine.

3. Pedometer Apps

Pedometer apps now calculate far more than just steps taken and calories burned. They use motion sensors to also measure distance, stairs climbed and know whether you’re walking, running or cycling. So no matter how you prefer to workout, there are apps that can track your progress.

4. Games

There are plenty of fun games available for smartphones that incorporate the need to move around in the real world in order to play them. A good example is Zombies, Run!, which was released in 2012 for iOS and Android phones. It places you in a zombie apocalypse and you’ll need to run when zombies are nearby. You can also gather supplies and build up your base. Another good example is the phenomenally successful Pokémon Go, which lets you walk around in the real world and capture monsters from the hit franchise.

5. Heart Rate Monitors

There are a handful of apps out there that use a smartphone’s capabilities to measure your heart rate. Kardia Mobile not only can take readings of your heart rate, but can keep track of the data and send it securely to your doctor if you are concerned about your heart health or required to monitor it. Using these apps can even help you prevent a heart attack or a stroke much more easily than before.

With quite a number of options for using your phone to get into shape, you’re sure to find one that you enjoy using. Take a look and see what apps are out there that can help you get into a fun workout routine today!


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