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Personnel Training For Women – Posture Correction & Importance


Many women today are working and raising families, not to mention the other challenges that today’s world brings. These challenges often impose time restraints, especially in many women’s lives leaving them with little to no time for exercise. Therefore there are now specialized women’s fitness & personal training program which are time effective, safe and successful for busy women.

Nothing is more frustrating for the millions of women who have actually lost weight by trying a generic diet plan in the past, only to gain it back and in worst scenarios, even more. Working with a women specific program offers you many benefits. So if you’re tired of going through the motions and not achieving the results you’d like, it’s probably time to look for a diet regime that is specially created for women and designed specifically for you and your body type. Following are some important thing to look for when deciding on which program to select.

The Basics
The number one key to any fitness program is the prevention of injury. Two of the best ways to prevent injury is to maintain flexibility and strong abdominal muscles. Why? Flexibility provides better range of motion and lower risk of pulled and torn muscles. Strong abdominal muscles prevent back injury by improving posture, there by reducing back strain.

Proper nutrition is probably the largest foundation of good health. Without a proper diet, the long term effects of a given exercise regime are limited. Unfortunately, nutrition is not an exact science and the amount of theories that abound about what and how much one should eat are many. You should look for a fitness program that provides a simple yet effective nutrition plan.

Aerobic Exercise
The benefits of aerobic exercise are numerous. Faster metabolism, stronger cardiovascular system, lower risk of heart disease, less body fat and that’s just to name a few. Clearly, aerobic exercise is beneficial. Furthermore, it can be a lot of fun since there are many, many activities from which to choose from. A good fitness program will always have some aerobic exercises.

Weight Lifting
Weight lifting is a necessity in any fitness program. Weight lifting strengthens tendons and ligaments, increases bone density and builds lean body mass – which burns fat! Furthermore, when combined with a program of aerobic activity and proper diet, weight lifting enables you to have that sculptured look.

Posture Importance During the Workout:

Postural and structural changes can occur over time. Certain muscles can become weaker and longer. These changes can alter a muscle’s mechanical line and/or lines of pull. These changes can also cause other muscles and muscle groups to compensate. The postural changes then begin to directly alter joint mechanics. This alteration or compensation leads to a decrease in performance. If mechanical changes are allowed to continue, the body will exhaust its ability to compensate for them.

Posture issues can result in problems, including but not limited to; inflammatory responses to over stressed tendons and bursa, noncongruent joint surfaces, unequal loading of the intervertebral disks, nerve impingements, ligament laxity, muscle spasms and ischemia. One of the most effective ways to evaluate your body’s mechanical connections is to assess your standing posture. Your standing posture is an indication of muscle balance, mechanical efficiency, kinesthetic sense and neuromuscular coordination. An assessment of your posture allows incorporation of the postural evaluation into your exercise prescription. The strength training exercises included in you exercise prescription can have a dramatic impact on your long-term structural health. Disregarding structural problems and muscle imbalances when participating in a strength training program can reinforce existing problems, predispose yourself to injury or exacerbate an existing injury or symptom.

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